Barrage of anti China propaganda: Should China respond, retaliate, attack even?

“Sanctions, so-called ‘humanitarian’ stances taken by the likes of H&M on false grounds of ‘forced labour’, hysterical yappings of the msm typing pool, Pavlovian stenographers;

Are they all just completely ignorant or are they actually Liars-for-Money? Devoid of any moral compass; regurgitating MIC driven rhetoric; a barrage of anti-China propaganda – should China retaliate?

Yes, unequivocally, yes. (and then some) Why? Because the playground bully only stops when someone smacks them back, hard. There follows a general overview of (just a smattering) of the dark deeds of the collective western propagandista, i.e. US UK (western) MIC driven administrations, corporations, MPs, ‘Think Tanks’.
There’s plenty of material for China to work with.. 😉 “

China Cashless Society – Digital Currency

here’s the thing: I was always totally ‘old school’ ‘I-like-my-cash-in-my-pocket’ on this – cash.. seriously.. and now.. well.. it just happened, quite organically, without struggle or any ‘alarm bells’ going off in my head about some some huge conspiracy thing either..

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