Follow The Money

Follow the money. Always.
The maxim is rarely wrong.
The system isn’t broken – it’s working exactly as it’s meant to
– as the Banks, the MIC mean it to; self-perpetuating money-go-round
that siphons wealth created from the ‘sweat of the brow’
of the working person to the ‘1%’, – channelled by the ‘5%’
– Take the money away, would ‘they’, the ‘5%’ who siphon the money
to the 1%, continue to expose themselves as conspirators in murder,
clueless fools with no dignity, no integrity, zero credibility, no morals?
So. Greed. Avarice.
The root of all evil.

— Barrie V

Exposing the US NED IPAC ASPI Sinophobic Propaganda Agenda

There is a massive and concerted inter-governmental conspiracy to wage a hybrid war against China, including a McCarthyist ‘witch-hunt’ of Chinese-born academics and professionals throughout the western world – Baseless claims made by CIA NED media outlets like Radio Free Asia and deeply spurious and soundly debunked concoctions made up by Adrian Zenz form the basis of almost all the claims and allegations against China regarding the Xinjiang region. It’s the same gang involved and embroiled in all this. US UK MIC ASPI IPAC AUKUS

USA: the walk away government

“they don’t play by the same rules and the rules only apply if they’re winning, or if they write them.
When they aren’t winning, they resort, like children in a schoolyard, to bullying tactics, taking their bat and ball and going home or starting a new game that only their sycophant friends are allowed to join in.”

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