anti China US senators

US Senators anti China agitprop and hypocrisy

There are certain ‘senators’ who have been prominent in pushing anti China agitprop, slander and propaganda and who have been ‘instrumental’ in forcing through the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is one of this gang, along with Cruz, Hawley, Rubio and Cornyn. Some of these senators, and indeed UK and EU MPs have also been highly instrumental in forcing through allegations and accusations of ‘genocide’ and ‘human rights abuses’ against China – one of the main figures in this is Marco Rubio.
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anti China US senators
anti China US senators

Here’s a great article explaining how and why Marco Rubio @SenRubioPress jumped on the Hong Kong bandwagon – money – same as everyone else. $500,000 ‘reasons’: Marco Rubio met with NED intern Joshua Wong, (..after being paid 500,000 dollars in campaign fund donations to do so..) Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton introduced the ‘Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights ‘Act’.’ – ‘Act’ being the appropriate metaphor.

I have personal experience of what a sleazeball Tom Cotton and his slimy crew are actually like. They were in my hometown in China in 2018 I was in the same hotel, I was performing that evening, playing some songs with friends in the hotel lounge bar.. (See photos Below)
Cotton and his cronies were in the bar.

Yes, this tawdry bandwagon jumper and his associates, were in my hometown in China not so very long ago, and in the same hotel, on the same night, that I was in at the time.. in 2018.

Barrie @BestChinaInfo

Tom Cotton has zero credibility, as with little Marco Rubio et al.

Cotton posing on stolen Iraq gold
Is this Senator Cotton posing on stolen Iraq gold?

“Goodness alone knows why such anti-China people were even allowed into China. They were trying to ‘hit on’ Chinese girls, who they were obviously not ‘anti’ to (on that evening anyway..) How do I know?
I was there.
The girls are friends. The ‘hits’.. missed.. by a country mile.
I suppose you could say their feeble attempts were a bit like US missile defence systems.. utterly ineffectual.. malfunctioning, unfit for purpose exorbitantly priced scrap.. destined for the junkyard

— Barrie @BestChinaInfo

So after enjoying Chinese hospitality, and leering after Chinese girls.. they then returned to the US to continue spewing out their vile and baseless anti-China propaganda and planning further terrorist acts, insurrection and interference in China and Hong Kong.. WhataBunchof****stheyare.

Here’s one of Senator Tom Cottons’ cards with the fancyschmancy Washington DC eagle embossed on it.. which I suppose was meant to impress.. It didn’t.. nor did it impress my female friends.. suffice to say Sen cotton and his chums didn’t get very far.

Senators Tom Cotton, Hawley, Marco Rubio, Cornyn, Cruz et al, are and have been bent on propagating anti China agitprop. Why? Money.

Barrie @BestChinaInfo
Barrie playing live in China, Guilin
cottonpickin’ corner

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