A MacKinderGarten Lesson

And now, a century and a quarter later, we come to something that I’m sure Mackinder never envisaged and that is the Heartland plus population. Russia plus China: millions of well-educated, well-situated people, lots of science and technology, an enormous percentage of the world’s manufacturing capacity together with all the natural resources one could want.

A Spectre is Haunting Europe — the Spectre of Magnitsky by Director Andrei Nekrasov

In The Magnitsky Act — Behind the Scenes I tell a story of swindles involving Browder’s shell companies, but also the tale of my own twisty journey from believing Browder to the realisation that he had lied to me, the media, governments and parliaments. The film was to be premiered at the European Parliament in April 2016, but the screening was stopped at the last moment, on the orders of Browder’s lawyers.

China a view from an Egyptian Observer

China is the worst fear of our planet’s white western supremacists the ‘western masters’. They want you to despise and dread a country that’s done nothing to you, that hasn’t invaded anyone, bombed or sanctioned anyone, that hasn’t overthrown any foreign government, or used its military on anything since 1979. You’ll hate China and pray for its collapse, so that the West can continue to do what it’s done since the age of Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro — rape and pillage the earth from Latin America to Southeast Asia, and disguise its blood-spattered imperialism in the soft power and propaganda of “Western civilization” and world leadership.

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