A Concise History of China by Zeis Siez Lee

“I am from Malaysia, a Muslim country, I have worked and travelled to China extensively in the past 22 years. In recent years, I have come across lots of false reports on China, so I decided to write this article to give a clearer picture about China.” Zeis Siez Lee — (Edited by Barrie) : “The British and French armies threatened to burn down the Imperial Palace, the Qing government was forced to pay with free trade ports, 300,000 kilograms of silver and the Kowloon district north of Hong Kong was taken. Since then, China’s resources flow out freely through these ports. In the subsequent amendment to the treaty, Chinese people were sold unwillingly to serve as slave labour all over the world for making roads, mining and plantation. ”

Chinese New Year 15 Facts You Should Know

Chinese New Year 2022 promises to be a very very special New Year celebration for China! The 2020 new year festivals were dampened by the outbreak of coronavirus. China went into a nationwide lockdown of 1.4 billion people and most festivities were curtailed. 2021 was comparatively low-key. This new year of the ‘Water Tiger’ 2022 is going to be celebrated and enjoyed with even more enthusiasm than usual! Hoorah!

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