How do I, as a Chinese person see US election 2020?

A little about my background

I am an 80s born Chinese girl, (woman!), born and raised in north China, work as an SEO and market analyst (google based and US market-oriented) for a company that hires both Chinese and foreign employees in their office.

Compared to most common Chinese people born in the 1960-70’s, like my parents, I could say that probably I have more awareness of the ‘west’ than they do.

And because of my work, I probably know a little bit more and read more ‘source’ western media news and have access to all sorts of other media resources than most Chinese have. I am not a ‘party member’, by the way.

1. How people and friends around me are seeing the US election 2020?

Surprisingly, people and friends (mostly born 80’s) around me have seen this as something like a show to watch and some did lay bets on just like when we watched the last world cup. Did I lay any bets? No.

2. How does my boss view the election?

The US is one of our main markets for business and as a boss, she wishes Biden could win, because she believes that Biden could deal with the epidemic situation more efficiently. This will get the US economy back to it’s tracks sooner, therefore it is a good thing for both the domestic market in the US and any international businesses to do with the US overseas.

3. Am I nervous about the US election result in 2020?

Whether Trump or Biden wins the election, well, they all seem to dislike China, so whoever wins doesn’t make any difference to me, especially I don’t have business or factory in the US, so to me it doesn’t matter very much.

What I do worry about is that I hope the pandemic situation in the US could get better sooner, in that way not only the people in the US can enjoy their lives better, but also to my own ‘selfish wish’ is that so the movie-making teams can start shooting and producing scheduled movies again!

At the minute, I am more anxious about Peaky Blinders, ‘Taboo’, Venom II and Avatar II to complete and release soon… those are of more concern to me! I wait and worry!

4. Who do I think will win?


I remembered how astonished people were after knowing Trump got elected as US president in 2016. Given that this seems to be the “trendy” phenomenon these days with the US election results, I won’t be surprised that this time that Biden gets selected and take the ‘astonishing’ level to a greater extent.

5. Who do I wish to win?


It is difficult to choose one out from another as neither seems suitable ‘president’ material honestly speaking – which I feel a bit sorry for US voters having to face a “dilemma” choice, you have millions of awesome people, an amazing rich culture and really deserve better candidates on the stage, if I may be so bold to suggest.

But if I were voting, I probably would vote for Trump, it is more hilarious watching him. Both Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah can get a few more episodes out of him, good for entertainment value at least!

Since you are here, there are another two questions that I would like to share my opinion about with you, as I think many people in the west are often curious:

6. Am I happy with People’s Republic of China government, the CPC?

Compared with 20 or 30 years ago, there’s so much progress and achievements been made under the guidance of the Communist Party of China that are highly beneficial for hundreds of millions of ‘normal’ people. This for government is main job and concern, which it has done really well, that’s facts and figures, I can’t see any reason to complain and I won’t.

Is it perfect? Of course, not. Compared with many well-off western nations, such as the UK established in 1707, and the US in 1776, the history of China as a modern country (established in 1949), despite it’s long history previously, is still “a young, energetic freshman”, though a very “hardworking man” as well~

To run a country with such a long and complex historical background, and covering such a huge area with such a large population, there is no denying that the government has a lot to deal with, lots more to try and explore, perhaps becoming more effective in communicating with its people, and other nations.

I see the future of China as being a good future, and I’m confident in our government to be responsible and honour their promises; I feel we can ‘count on’ our government, and perhaps not only just Chinese people, but the rest of the world too. I wonder if the people of Britain and America feel the same about their governments?

7. Do I love China?

Yes, it’s my homeland, my country. This shouldn’t be a yes or no question, it is more like a question of how much you believe in the future and are willing to contribute and participate or to make a difference. I suppose if you don’t care or ‘give a damn’ then you don’t love your country much!

8. My opinion about the United States?

No offend intended at all, I will be straight and honest, I don’t think the United States (as a nation, I am not talking about its people) today, is as a great nation as it was some 10 or 20 years ago; it seems like a nation in decline. I’m feeling this same opinion from many friends and colleagues too these days..

9. Do I like American people?

Yes, this is mainly based on the fact that most of the American friends that I know are relaxed, funny, easy-going people, straight and simple to be around, and very professional colleagues as well.

By the way, I love a lot of British and American movies, shows, directors, actors and actresses. If anyone reading this sees Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Steven Knight, Tom Hanks, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey or Emily Blunt, please say Hi for me haha…

If you have any questions or opinions about how Chinese people are thinking lately; feel free to ask and share opinions by leaving a comment below, and thanks for reading 🙂 ~

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  1. Indeed, I don’t really want to vote for any of them…”f~k them both” lol~

  2. Biden won. So my prediction was right!!!
    “4. Who do I think will win?
    Cheers~(Should have bet with my colleagues to win a drink)

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