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Latest news and developments from China from Tweets by ChinaBazzar (Which also means this is quite a whimsical ‘Newsfeed‘ – coming as it does from our own chief editors Twitter account timeline) Example: China: ‘Eliminating Poverty  – the Chinese way: ‘classic example of how China eliminates poverty; radical but effective: 1.88 million poor people stuck in extreme poverty (making less than $1.90 a day) in Guizhou province, here’s what China officials did:’ https://worldaffairs.blog/eliminating-poverty

‘China could cripple US Economy: Apple products assembled in China. Shut down factories for a month byeybye Apple. US gets 40% clothes, 50% furniture, 70% appliances, 72% footwear, 75% toys, 80% shoes, 85% travel goods 90% electronics from China.’ https://worldaffairs.blog/china-can-cripple-us-economy/

See also: https://bestchinainfo.com/news/china-no-to-ipo

Latest China News here: Barrie’s twitter feed from https://twitter.com/ChinaBazzar/

‘Everything is Everything’— Barrie (via the 1970’s)

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