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Chinese Cooking

Chinese Cooking – A guide to Cooking Chinese style

The first thing that impressed me with Chinese cooking, and kitchens (!) in China, was the simplicity, not least in the way that many homes, families, cooks and chefs (!) are able to produce the most magnificent of dishes utilising the most basic and spartan kitchens and utensils. 

Chinese kitchen versus western kitchen – ‘One ring to rule themall’!

Many kitchens in China have just ‘one ring’ – one electric ceramic hob plate, a chopping board, a cleaver (referred to as a knife in China) perhaps a strainer, a few pots and pans, often one large ‘wok’ style pan for stir frying, and of course dishes, bowls cups and naturally, kuai zi -(pronounced ‘kwai tzer) – chopsticks!

Literally, in most cases, and indeed as in my first (quite nicely) furnished apartment in China – that’s all! Don’t believe me?

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All done with just a chopping board, cleaver and a ‘one ring’ electric hob – the girl’s a genius!
‘One Ring to rule themall cooking!’ China World Fusion cooking !

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Tonight we’re having brown rice with quinoa and fresh vegetables.. healthy enough!

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