Feng Shui

Da Xu old town by the Li Jiang (Li River) could be described as a ‘perfect’ Feng Shui landscape

This thread will unfold as a collection of my ‘experiences’ of Feng Shui ..
As a youth – one of my boyhood heroes was Bruce Lee – Li Xiao Long and there my fascination with China began. Being fascinated with China, and thence, taking an interest in Kung Fu, Tai Ji, (Tai Chi) and naturally,
Feng Shui (Pronounced: ‘Fong Shwey’)

I had a ‘feeling’ there was something to it, and did some reading, and ‘dabbled’ with a few things, placement of objects, colours, mirrors and so on. But dabbling proved to be an eye opener, not to mention quite a shock – a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as the saying goes.. 

My first ‘experience’ of Feng Shui happened one night while I was in England. I swear this is a true story, told as it happened and as I remember it. 

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