Follow The Money

Question: What justification is there for ever-increasing military spending, how and why certain governments sanction unwarranted missile and drone attacks, assassinations, invasions, coups, ‘false-flag’ operations, ‘regime-change’.

Exposing the Sinophobic Propaganda Agenda

When asked specifically about those concerns Professor Thomas stated, “Universities feel it [ASPI research] is not a good source of information.” “The ASPI has actually got the wrong university, got the wrong person and got the wrong country!”

USA: the walk away government

“they don’t play by the same rules and the rules only apply if they’re winning, or if they write them.
When they aren’t winning, they resort, like children in a schoolyard, to bullying tactics, taking their bat and ball and going home or starting a new game that only their sycophant friends are allowed to join in.”

Andre Vltchek on western aggression toward China

Since the formation of the PRC, China has offered equal rights and constantly improving standards of living to the Uyghur minority. However, several extremist Muslim factions have kept fighting, brutally, for a Turkic independent state. They have not been representing the majority of Uyghurs, but being against the PRC, have enjoyed moral and financial support from the West, its allies in Gulf states, and from Turkey.