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‘the BBC the british
broadcasting corporation approached Adrian Zenz and asked him to write, to find something that they could use to make China look bad; this is a fact, and this is I’m quoting Adrian Zenz’ own words now
”the bbc asked me if i could find something and i told them no it’s too difficult, it’s too hard,
there is not enough evidence”
This is the words of Adrian Zenz he said: I can’t find this there’s no there’s no evidence“

GrayZone: Reuters BBC in covert UK Foreign Office FCO regime change ops in Russia

With the release of the UK FCO documents, questions must be raised about whether these previously ‘esteemed news organizations’ are the independent and ethical journalistic entities they claim to be. While they hammer away at “authoritarian” states and malign Russian activities, they have little to say about the dark machinations of Western governments ‘Unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them?’

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