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Update: Massive BBC Own-Goal reveals infiltration of Hong Kong and Xinjiang: Joshua Wong Omer Kanat Rebiya Kadeer ~ All of the self-serving avaricious money-grabbers are here: and

If you want to know which slimy little scumbag started the lies and propaganda against China – look no further – Here, I’ll lift the rock up for you to see – Senator Marco Rubio – He’s behind most of it – Including Xinjiang / Uyghurs / Hong Kong – Joshua Wong etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum – :

Where did the lies about China’s Xinjiang Uyghurs start?
See: Unlocked! How a Hollywood Producer Gave Marco Rubio 500,000 Reasons to Love Joshua Wong (and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act)
Still flogging a dead horse..
They’re even using Adrian Zenz on their Climate Crisis BS now..…
Part 1:
Part 2:

Where did the lies start? Part 1 of 4. Millions of #Uyghurs in camps Xinjiang? Where did the lies about #China’s #Xinjiang #Uyghurs start?
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Fact: August 2018 – Gay McDougall of CERD makes ‘statement’, quoting ‘report’. Reuters immediately publish article headed: “U.N. says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps” – ‘UN says..’
— The original Reuters blurb: h t t p s : / / w w w . r e u t e r s . c o m / article/us-china-rights-un/u-n-says-it-has-credible-reports-that-china-holds-million-uighurs-in-secret-camps-idUSKBN1KV1SU
— … umm, NOPE.. The UN DID NOT say; There was NO UN statement. This was a prepared script and ‘speech’ from Gay McDougall, an employee of a US NED (CIA) funded NGO: ‘CERD‘ (CHRD) – Gay McDougall also sits on other ‘funded’ ‘panels’ – various NED / Soros funded disinformation outfits. The ‘report’ she speaks of cites no source or proof except for the scripted document itself – which is comprised of uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, non-peer-reviewed ‘reports’ of cobbled together hearsay and manipulated ‘data’ from the likes of Radio Free Asia, ‘CHRD’, and the oft debunked Nazi affiliated, anti-Semitic religious zealot Adrian Zenz.

The Lies have been regurgitated ad infinitum ever since by western MSM in the defamatory anglozionist mic propaganda and agitprop disinformation campaign to try and demonise China. See also:

— Barrie VVeiss
Barrie’s Original Debunking of the Lies About China Xinjiang uyghurs

With the continuing demise of Adrian Zenz and the collapse of the flimsy agitprop house of cards built on lies by Marco Rubio, the BBC, Bloomberg, the IPAC et al – It looks very much like I’m going to be making Part 4 of this series soon. Where did the lies start? Millions of Uyghurs in camps Xinjiang?
Any Actual Evidence? nah..

— Barrie VVeiss

And still they regurgitate the flimsy ZERO evidence ‘paralegal’ opinion gee-no-side allegations on China’s Xinjiang: Ever more diluted and transparent.. But still funded by US state dept, CIA,. NED, Soros etc – meaningless pointless twaddle. See this superb article from :


N.B. * Genocide: Any Person or Government Propagating allegations of Genocide​ via anti China​ propaganda using the deceptions of self-confessed anti-Semite Nazi​-affiliated Adrian Zenz​ is profaning the Shoah​This is a profanity, an obscenity – a hideous besmirching of actual genocide holocaust victims.
Reality check​ time for US​ UK​ EU Canada Australia
– See also my video here: Chief rabbi joins witch hunt against China

See: Continuing demise of Nazi-affiliated anti Semite – a China hating ‘Expert in Lies’ about Xinjiang and Uyghur people: MIC stooge Adrian Zenz. Further reading: As a ‘Black Country Lad’ – It’s Great to see this from a ‘hometown’ News Agency! Well done #TheBirminghamTimes Salute!… @BhamTimes The Birmingham Times Superb Article here: Uyghur Tribunal: A New Branch Tool to Contain China’s Development StrategyA series of countries, regions, and agencies instigated by the United States have carried out strategies to discredit China’s Xinjiang

First it was ‘genocide’*, then ‘cultural genocide, then slave labour, then forced labour, coerced labour, then diluted even more to: ‘Tainted Cotton’ which now becomes ‘Tainted Solar Panels? The BBC having been publicly slapped down by Hua ChuYing and Barrie using Adrian Zenz own words run away with their tail between their legs (to Taiwan) ‘drop the baton’ and Bloomberg very clumsily pick it up.. and continue the anti China rhetoric now with this laughably flimsy ‘Tainted ‘impure’ PolySilicon.. Like.. Tainted Solar Energy? Mechanised robot factories full of.. umm.. ‘robot machine slaves’.. Really? Whatever next? Tainted kebabs? Beneath contempt. Hilarious. Western msm latest Smear Campaign against China Xinjiang from Bloomberg – See @climate (Twitter) and Bloomberg collaborating with Adrian Zenz and ‘codging’ together a ‘mockumentary’ full of twaddle..

Barrie @ChinaBazzar

The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done. I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, ‘I’ll see what I can find’.

— Adrian Zenz–Z6u03TYwDu/index.html

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The relentless MSM Latest Smear Campaign attempts to use ‘Forced Labour’ slur against China Xinjiang – hit piece from Bloomberg​
Barrie @ChinaBazzar

The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done. I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, ‘I’ll see what I can find’.

The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done. I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, ‘I’ll see what I can find’.

— Adrian Zenz

Let’s be absolutely clear about this. In his own words, Adrian Zenz says that the BBC commissioned his ‘research’. Clearly, the BBC asked Adrian Zenz to ‘find something’. They asked him ‘if it could be done’, and he said, ‘No, too difficult, not enough evidence’. The BBC asked him again, presumably with an increased offer – meaning; more money. Adrian Zenz accepted, and ‘produced’ lots of words..

World Uyghur Congress‘. Adrian Zenz. (And various and sundry other propaganda outlets such as Radio Free Asia – very well documented as a CIA agitprop operation) These are the primary ‘sources’ of much of the (dis)information campaign and negative propaganda against China that virtually the entirety of the western ‘msm’ and connected governments are using as ‘evidence’ of ‘oppression’ of people, particularly Uyghurs, in XinJiang province in western China.

Here’s another ‘Commission’ thetimes-lawyers-say-in-report – Note: a ‘Legal opinion’ is the ‘professional judgment’ of an ‘independent expert’. It has NO legal standing. This latest bunkum purports to be based on ‘Evidence’ from experts: Guess who?, The usual – ‘Witless testimony’ satellite imagery’ and was COMMISSIONED by: #WorldUyghurCongress #UyghurHumanRightsProject – That is to say the #NED:
Flimsy ‘legal opinion’ hit piece on China regurgitated by ‘The Times’, Forbes, all the usual msm typists. Exposing the money-go-round of US UK MPIC agitprop and anti China propaganda.

The latest hogwash ‘hit-piece’ being regurgitated by the western mainstream media has been concocted around oft-debunked heavily manipulated and obscured data from Adrian Zenz and ASPI – Follow The Money and you can see how the anglozionist MPIC are funding, paying for and creating their own propaganda machine using the ASPI, politicians, governments, NGOs such as WUC CERD CHRD UHRP etc etc and now even a ‘legal, or, rather, ‘paralegal’ NGO: Global Legal Action Network, or ‘Namati’: funded by the US State Department and Soros ‘Open Society’ Foundation.

— ChinaBazzar

Do western governments care about Uyghurs? No! So why is XinJiang so Important? Why are western governments so keen to sow seeds of dissent and disruption? Here’s why:


MP’s, Ministers, ‘news’ agencies, NGOs, ‘commentators’, ‘pundits’all make extreme allegations about ‘concentration camps’, one million people, two million, three million.. the numbers keep growing..

Question: Where did the figure of 1 million, (or millions.. even) come from?

Answer: “From the media” This is in the words of Omer Kanat previous ‘president’ of the World Uyghur Congress – I repeat: ‘the Media‘ Kanat and Rebiya Attended the NED (CIA) Sponsored Oslo Freedom Forum along with Joshua Wong which Laura Kuenssberg made a documentary about (For the BBC!) #School for Revolutionaries’ – See a Connection? Join .. the .. dots people!
#Kuenssberg unwittingly revealed not only #JoshuaWong getting his #CIA orders but #OmerKanat #RebiyaKadeer schmoozing at the NED’s ‘School for #insurrection’ against #China #Xinjiang @ #OsloFreedomForum (Kadeer’s daughter sons, brother spoke out #HongKong

Many on the anti-China bandwagon also go to the extremes of claiming there is ‘genocide‘, or ‘cultural genocide’ occurring against the Uyghur people – an outrageous and outlandish lie.

None of them take time to mention the extremism and terrorism that China has had to defend it’s citizens from – Read this from a real journalist – Andre Vltchek..

Brutal attacks on civilians and security forces, with many people, killed, maimed, and traumatised for life as a result of US instigated proxy terrorist factions: separatists, jihadists and assorted other miscreant mercenaries, killers for money; funded by the the US; channeled and trained by the UK US and Turkey, from XinJiang to Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, and back into China.

So. Let’s look at, expose, and totally debunk disinformation source number 2 (how apt): The primary source of ‘information and data’ – and we use the terms ‘information’ and ‘data’ very loosely, is Adrian Zenz.
A right wing, religious zealot with fascist affiliations.

Adrian Zenz, the primary source of western media reports on Uyghur “concentration camps“, is a German anti-Semite who believes Jews that refuse to convert to Christianity will be “wiped out” and put into a “fiery furnace”. See:


This won’t take long, by the way.. Here’s a very recent tweet by him (and this should be enough to tell you all you need to know):

Adrian Zenz @adrianzenz · Nov 18

“This appears to be the shoe in question. Brand: The North Face”:
Adrian Zenz @adrianzenz · Nov 18: ‘A Russian citizen from St. Petersburg reportedly finds a note in a box of shoes from China that says: “Help, I am in jail in China. Help Uyghur.” Would be good to investigate this more closely.’ (Link to Russian report in the thread).…”

So, Adrian Zenz suggests ‘it would be good to investigate this more closely‘.. Very cleverly worded? Actually, no. Not so clever.

What is clear from his re-posting, regurgitating, of this patently ridiculous snivelling agitprop is that Adrian Zenz, actually, has zero credibility.
He didn’t bother to fact check; he didn’t bother to verify the veracity of this tweet, these photos and the accompanying claims.

Now, what does this tell us? It tells us that Mr Zenz will utter, regurgitate, repeat, concoct and make up all manner of untruths (lies) to suit the agenda of those who pay him to lie*; without fact-checking or verifying anything at all. Truth really doesn’t matter to him as long as he he gets the money. Nor does it matter to ‘*them’ as long as their nefarious agenda is given ‘plausibility’ * IPAC, US UK Governments,
NED, ASPI etc.

Bearing in mind that Mr Zenz is held up as an ‘authority’, a bastion of truth, by western administrations, on XinJiang and Uyghurs, and even Tibet…
See: Tibet-lama-feudalism-slavery-the-great-game..

You can see, Mr Zenz is quite full of shi.. himself..

One would assume that for someone in such a ‘respected’ position, verification, veracity, fact checking, dare I say, truth (?) might be quite important. It is clear that to Adrian Zenz, and to the US and UK governments, to the IPAC: Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, The Economist.. ASPI.. (the list goes on and on..) that truth, integrity, facts; ‘truth’; to them, – these things do not matter.

It gets even worse: “Adrian Zenz refers to Nazi death camps as “control mechanisms” that “got rid of unpopular minorities”


More proof of Adrian Zenz lying:

What does this also tell us about the aforementioned ‘organisations’?

Everything you need to know.. They lie. They lied about Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Hong Kong, and they’re lying about XinJiang. And one can deduce this quite simply, from a very flimsy ‘note’.. which could have been written by anyone.. anywhere.. and a photo of a not very pleasant mass-produced ‘slipper’ (Which was made in Vietnam by the way – not China, not XinJiang)

oh, them golden slippers‘.. ;>

See also further reading on the truth about XinJiang, Uyghurs, terrorism below:

21stCenturyWire: The source of lies about XinJiang – US – NED – NGOs – Where did the ‘story’ come from?

By F. William Engdahl

In recent months Western media and the Washington Administration have begun to raise a hue and cry over alleged mass internment camps in China’s northwestern Xinjiang where supposedly up to one million ethnic Uyghur Chinese are being detained and submitted to various forms of “re-education.” Several things about the charges are notable, not the least that all originate from Western media or “democracy” NGOs such as Human Rights Watch whose record for veracity leaves something to be desired .

— F. William Engdahl

In August Reuters published an article under the headline, “UN says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps.”
A closer look at the article reveals NO UN policy statement, but a quote from one American member of an independent committee that does not speak for the UN, a member with no background in China. The source of the claim it turns out is a UN independent advisory NGO called Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The sole person making the charge, American committee member Gay McDougall, stated she was “deeply concerned” about “credible reports.”

McDougall cited NO SOURCE for the dramatic allegations.

— F. William Engdahl

Reuters in their article boosts its claim by citing a murky Washington DC based NGO, the Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD). In an excellent background investigation, researchers at the Grayzone Project found that the CHRD gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from unnamed governments. The notorious US government NGO, National Endowment for Democracy, (CIA) is high on the list of usual suspects. Notably, the CHRD official address is that of the Human Rights Watch which gets funds also from the Soros foundation.

— F. William Engdahl

The ‘story’ came from Adrian Zenz.

The ‘data’ used (by Zenz) is totally based on ‘interviews’ with just eight (8) people. Yes. Only 8 people. No names or details are given. These miniscule numbers are then somehow magically extrapolated into figures amounting to hundreds of thousands, and thence ballooned to one million.. (and I’ve seen even more outrageous numbers bandied around.) This doesn’t even qualify as reasonable supposition. It’s completely manufactured propaganda just as much as ‘WMD’ was manufactured as an excuse to invade Iraq

 — Barrie


And: xinjiang-and-uyghurs-what-youre-not-being-told/


And: From CGTN: UK-radio-presenter-spreads-disinformation

“Adrian Zenz, and many others, will utter, regurgitate, repeat and concoct all manner of untruths to suit the agenda of those who pay them to lie; without fact-checking or verifying anything at all. It probably really doesn’t matter to them as long as they get the money. nor does it matter to their paymasters as long as their nefarious agenda is given ‘plausibility”

— Barrie
How Marco Rubio was paid $500,000 to Love Joshua Wong

20 NOV 2019 AT 15:55 Unlocked! How a Hollywood Producer Gave Marco Rubio 500,000 Reasons to Love Joshua Wong (and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act)

 Hi! Welcome to the November 19, 2019 episode of Peter Lee’s China Threat Report. This week we’re going to talk about funny things…particularly funny things that surround Marco Rubio, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act winding its way through the U.S. Congress, and the ambitions of Joshua Wong.

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong is all grown up…and he wants to run for office. He’s getting help from Marco Rubio…and a Hollywood friend who funneled $500,000 in political campaign contributions to a Marco Rubio-affiliated SuperPAC.

First, some background. 

Joshua Wong rose to prominence in Hong Kong activism as a 14 year old who organized successful demonstrations against the “National Education” program, which would have mandated patriotic i.e. pro-PRC curriculum in Hong Kong schools.

Then, in 2014, Wong was a key player in the Occupy Hong Kong movement, also known as the Umbrella Movement. Actually, he pretty much hijacked the movement away from its older, more moderate organizers, steered it toward confrontation and away from engagement, and was a significant factor in its ignominious collapse.

In the process, he became the darling of Western China-bashing types and the face of Hong Kong activism, at least for people who really wanted to stick it to the People’s Republic of China and the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He’s been featured in countless magazine articles and, together with his movement, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2016, Wong’s student group, Scholarism, was dissolved and Wong pivoted to a new political party, Demosisto. Wong really, really wants to get elected to Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, where he can bedevil the PRC and the HKSAR and push Hong Kong politics toward near total autonomy.

The PRC and pro-Beijing politicians hate Wong, suspecting him of engaging in deniable agitation for independence, which is probably not too far from the truth. In addition to local agitation, Wong is a vocal advocate for Western involvement in Hong Kong affairs, most notably testifying before the US Congressional Executive Commission on China in favor of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

So far he’s been jailed three times and just this week was banned from traveling to Europe, where he was due to receive a human rights award from the British Parliament. Last month, the Hong Kong government election commission disqualified him from running for a district council seat. 

The aborted district council project was Wong’s first try at elected office since he turned of age. 

The District Council foray seems to have been a trial balloon to see if Joshua Wong was disqualified. Well, he was disqualified, and he advertised the name of the electoral commissioners in his case with the idea that they be condemned internationally as tools of Beijing’s oppression.

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong slams election officer for ‘twisting and misunderstanding’ his political iews with election ban

And this is where we can start our deep dive into Joshua Wong’s political ambitions, his strategy, and his rich and powerful friends in the United States.

It’s also where we can say Hello! To Hollywood producer Andrew Duncan.

Andrew Duncan made his pile in the tech industry and then pivoted to movies and to pro-democracy activism. He achieved a recent spike on notoriety during the kerfuffle over the PRC’s retaliation against the NBA for a pro-Hong Kong democracy tweet by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey in October.

Duncan bought 300 tickets to a basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors so supporters of the Hong Kong demonstrators could show up wearing “Stand with Hong Kong” T-shirts.

Andrew Duncan Reportedly Buys 300 Tickets to Nets Game for Hong Kong Protesters

Duncan is not simply a casual supporter of anti-PRC trolling at basketball games. He is a long-time supporter of Joshua Wong, having hosted a fundraiser for him in New York City in 2014.

Duncan was also producer of the highest profile example of pro-Joshua Wong agitprop in the English language mediasphere: the independent film Joshua Wong: Teenager versus Superpower.

The movie debuted at Sundance in 2017 with Joshua Wong in attendance and did very well, winning the World Cinema Audience Award in the ‘Documentary’ category. Unsurprisingly, it was picked up by Netflix and can still be viewed today on the platform. 

Joshua Wong and Andrew Duncan at Sundance

A funny thing happened while Joshua Wong: Teenager vs. Superpower was in production: Andrew Duncan made a $500,000 contribution to Conservative Solutions, a SuperPAC set up by supporters of Florida Senator Marco Rubio during his failed 2016 run for the Republican presidential nomination.

This half-million dollar contribution was funny for several reasons.

First, consider Duncan’s political profile as a woke techie/movie producer tended toward the moderate Republican/centrist Democrat end of the spectrum.

Of 25 contributions made by Duncan in his own name during the 2016 electoral cycle, there’s $12,300 to the Democratic National Committee-, $20,400 in 3 contributions to various Hillary Clinton-affiliated recipients, $12,900  in 4 contributions for Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, and around $10,000 each for Virginia Republican Mark Warner and ex-Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

All in all $93,000 in 25 contributions scattered around 17 recipients. 

FEC Database

Contrast this scattershot and small potato giving with $500,000 in one shot to a Marco Rubio affiliated SuperPAC. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Next funny thing is that Duncan made the $500,000 contribution anonymously through a cutout, a limited liability corporation called IGX LLC. The sudden appearance of $500,000 in the coffers of the Conservative Solutions SuperPAC from an anonymous donor attracted the attention of Judicial Watch and then the Federal Election Commission. After months of wrangling, the FEC voted on party lines to let IGX and Andrew Duncan off the hook.

The Republican side provided an escape hatch for Duncan with the declaration that, although the donation was illegal, the Commission had not provided sufficient explicit guidance to contributors that donating anonymously through a straw LLC was illegal.

So, ignorance of the law is an excuse. Good to know. 

In a stinging minority opinion, the Democratic members of the FEC pointed out that the illegality of laundered anonymous donations is the bedrock of campaign finance law. They also pointed out that the only reason no explicit guidance had been given was because the Republicans had successfully stonewalled the FEC process for four years to prevent guidance from being issued and, one would guess, giving big money donors a few more years to dump money into the Republican SuperPAC trough.

In the Matter of IGX LLC; Andrew Duncan; Conservative Solutions PAC; and Nancy H. Watkins in her official capacity as treasurer

Duncan had made things even more awkward for himself by allegedly stating in an e-mail interview with Associated Press that he had used the LLC channel to quote “mask” unquote his contribution because he was “worried about reprisals” in light of his funding of human-rights efforts in China.

Duncan subsequently denied he had made this statement. And it doesn’t make sense that dropping $500,000 on Marco Rubio’s presidential dream would invite Chinese retaliation.

But it would make a lot more sense if Duncan hoped to attract Rubio’s favorable attention to Hong Kong…and to Joshua Wong.

For the record, I sent this query to Andrew Duncan’s publicist:

“I’m working on a piece about the unrest in Hong Kong.  Could you provide context for IGX’s donation of $500,000 to a Marco Rubio-linked SuperPAC in 2015?  Was your donation solicited by Conservative Solutions PAC or initiated by you?  Have you ever met with Senator Rubio or his staff?  You have repudiated reports that you stated the donation was made through IGX instead of directly because of concern over reprisals related to your human rights activism relating to China.  So for what reason did you make the donation through IGX instead of directly?  Was your interest in supporting the PAC related to Senator Rubio’s PRC and Hong Kong related positions, or some other factor?  As a supporter of Joshua Wong, did you hope for Senator Rubio’s favorable attention to Joshua Wong in support for his current and future activities, or possibly to facilitate promotion of your movie Joshua Wong: Teenager vs. Superpower in Senator Rubio’s role as co-chair of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and vocal critic of the PRC in the Senate?  Are you in contact with Senator Rubio or his office concerning China and Hong Kong issues?

In promotional material for the film you stated that held a fundraiser ‘for Joshua Wong’ in New York in 2014.  Did the funds raised go to him personally or to an organization?  Have you provided financial support to Joshua Wong or organizations affiliated with him since then?”

No reply from Team Duncan. Maybe somebody else will have better luck in getting answers to these questions.

Anyway, let’s pivot to Marco Rubio.

Senator Rubio needs no further incentive to bash the PRC. He’s co-chair of the Congressional Executive Commission on China, which is China hawk central.

But he has also been laser focused on promoting the fortunes of Joshua Wong, who set up his political party, Demosisto, in April 2016.

Rubio’s first meeting with Joshua Wong was in Washington in November 2016, a year after Duncan’s contribution, and just before Joshua Wong Teenager vs. Superpower was entered into Sundance. It seems to me some advance work had already been done.

On his Facebook page, Rubio lauded Wong as “a thoughtful and impressive young man…who represents the future of Hong Kong.” 

Marco Rubio Facebook post

And on the same day Rubio met with Wong, Rubio announced he and Tom Cotton had introduced the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act, stating “The importance of this legislation was again impressed upon me today after meeting with pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong”.

Rubio, Cotton Introduce Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

In May 2017, just as Joshua Wong Teenager vs Superpower platformed on Netflix, Wong testified for the first time in front of Rubio’s Congressional Committee.

Then in February 2018, Rubio nominated Wong and the Umbrella Movement for the Nobel Peace Prize.

And this year, at the height of the current disturbances in Hong Kong, Joshua Wong appeared before Rubio’s CCEC again and the synergies between Wong’s electoral strategy and Rubio’s Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act become difficult to ignore.

After Wong returned to Hong Kong he gave a firebreathing speech at a rally supporting passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Actually, he gave a firebreathing speech supporting a version of the HKHRDA that had not even been formally introduced in the US Congress.

As reported at Radio Free Asia, which seems to hold Wong in deep affection, Wong said:

“So people ask what’s going to happen after the HK human rights and democracy act?  Our answer is simple.  We want it to flower worldwide.  If America has a human rights and democracy act, the UK, Canada, Australia and every country around the world will all have [corresponding] sanctions mechanisms.  And they will sanction all those rights violators, black cops, election officials, government officials.  Without exception, from the a namelist of the electoral affairs commissioners [who vet candidates for anti-PRC tendencies] involved in disqualifications in the 18 districts that has already been turned over to the consulting organs of the US Congress to the black cops, a settling of accounts for all of them is imminent.  Any government official, election official, and black cop who suppressed Hong Kong, we will send them all to Dawanqu for all eternity (i.e. drive them out of HK) OK?“

The RFA tweet

On October 15, when Wong gave this speech, the official text of the act did not make any provisions for sanctioning people for violations inside Hong Kong for election-related shenanigans, or allow for an international sanctions regime. Which makes his statement that he had already providing a blacklist of election commissioners to the US Congress kind of interesting.

Now let’s look at the version of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that Marco Rubio introduced into the Senate on November 26, over a month after Wong’s speech. The bill is S. 1838. The entire text of the original version of the bill has literally been crossed out and replaced with a much more expansive set of goals.

S. 1838 The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

Goals that are pretty beneficial to Joshua Wong’s agenda.

Indeed, it extends sanctions coverage from the original scope which was for punishment for individuals involved in extraditions and renditions to China to “gross violations of internationally recognized human rights in Hong Kong” under the heading 

SEC. 7. Sanctions relating to undermining fundamental freedoms and autonomy in Hong Kong

So that’s item 1 on Joshua Wong’s wish list: that election commissioners who disqualify him are at risk of US sanctions.

Rubio’s version also includes the new and rather noteworthy provision that the review mechanism includes

(6) a description of the efforts of the President to encourage the governments of other countries to impose sanctions that are similar to the sanctions authorized under section 7.

That’s item 2 on Wong’s wish list: that the sanctions regime will be a US-led but international effort. Remarkable coincidence that Wong was aware of this provision six weeks before it was introduced.

Here’s the 3rd item, that makes Rubio’s HKHRDA look something like the “Joshua Wong Political Career Promotion Act”:

One of the statements of policy is:

to support the establishment of a genuine democratic option to freely and fairly nominate and elect the Chief Executive of Hong Kong [which by the way has always been the key objective for democracy activists–PL], and the establishment by 2020 of open and direct democratic elections for all members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council;

Joshua Wong has openly stated his ambition to transition into a politician with a seat on the Hong Kong Legislative Council and his first shot as an adult is in 2020.

The Rubio version of the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act gives Joshua Wong not only a road map, but a timetable to get him there.

Marco Rubio is trying to push his bill through the Senate on a “hot line” or “fast track” process based on a unanimous voice vote. My suspicion is he wants to take advantage of the current political atmosphere in Washington to make sure it gets through before any legislators take the trouble to read it too closely.

How much of Senator Rubio’s version survives if his version passes and goes to committee for reconciliation with the House version is, of course, open to question.

But Joshua Wong apparently has high hopes. Testifying before Marco Rubio’s Congressional Executive Commission on China, he declared that Hong Kong was due,not just for a “summer of discontent” but a whole year.

That, by a convenient coincidence, would take the unrest up to September 2020, when the Legislative Council elections are due to be held, and Joshua Wong hopes to spin his activist and organizational talents—and the support of his rich and powerful friends in the United States—into a seat at Hong Kong’s elite political table.

That’s all. Thanks for listening! And check the transcript for links. I hope you found this interesting, especially since you’re not going to find it anywhere else: that’s critical, in depth and analytic reporting on Asian and PRC affairs. Please tell your friends about Peter Lee’s China Threat Report and encourage them to subscribe.  Especially if they’re Hollywood producers with deep, deep pockets. Call me, Andrew Duncan!

Until next time, this is Peter Lee for Peter Lee’s China Threat Report.

Winner of US ‘Women of Courage Award’ wanted for loan fraud

Superb thread From @RyanMcManimie: Utter and total #debunk of the lies and propaganda spewed out by #MehdiHasan @mehdirhasan David Stavrou and ⁦@haaretzcom⁩ on the fraud #SayragulSautbay who, in actual fact does a great job of totally debunking herself.

Wikipedia: “#SayragulSauytbay is a ‘Chinese doctor’, ‘headteacher’ ‘whistle blower’ for ‘Kazakh Chinese’ people. Chosen as an ‘International Woman of Courage’ on 4 March 2020 by the US Secretary of State – guess that’d be the bloated twerp Pompeo then”

The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done. I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, 'I'll see what I can find'.
The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done.
I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, ‘I’ll see what I can find’.

“The BBC commissioned my research. They asked whether it could be done. I said no, too hard, too little evidence They asked again. I said, ‘I’ll see what I can find’.”

— Adrian Zenz

I took the time to read through just one article the BBC posted, out of thousands, Here: – based on the so-called ‘testimony’ of ‘witnesses’ and Adrian Zenz.
I lost count of the number of ‘appears to be’s’, allegedly’s, ‘may well have been’.. ‘Said to have’s’.. ‘Thought to have been’s’.. So ridiculous it’s beyond parody..

— ChinaBazzar

Reminder: BBC ‘commission’ Adrian Zenz who is happy to concoct twaddle. The BBC regurgitate that twaddle – spewing out accusations, defamation and allegations without daring to confirm one single fact. Because there are no facts. It’s ALL agitprop. It’s ALL Propaganda.
The BBC pay for Lies For Money. BBC? British Bullshit Corporation.

— ChinaBazzar

Another superbly curated and comprehensive thread totally debunking all the lies and propaganda about XinJiang and Uyghurs here:

Adrian Zenz switches to co-writing movie reviews.. with bad spelling..

This page is best viewed, read and understood
in light of these articles and this: ‘Atrocity propaganda‘,
and this – ‘How I too was fooled by western propaganda‘, also this: western-aggression toward China‘ and this: ‘if I could be fooled, so could millions of others’. also from Best China Info,
and this video: ChinaBazzar exposes the lies, disinformation and propaganda campaign on XinJiang and Uyghurs – Best China Info on YouTube.

See Also CGTN Report on terrorism in Xinjiang –
Warning, Contains Upsetting Scenes:
Here: and

and and see also:

Wiki: Terrorism in China.

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See also:

Very proud and very happy to receive this by way of recommendation of 揭露BBC涉疆谎言,中国没有种族灭绝,重要的视频看三遍 !第1集(中文字幕版) Great honour for us today!! From Hua Chunying 华春莹 – @SpokespersonCHN – China government official – Foreign Ministry Spokesperson = Director General, Information Department, MFA PRC – @MFA_China – YouTube Facebook – 788.4K Followers – : Just reposted this! SpokespersonCHN/status/1366335152415150081 How China isn’t crushing Uyghurs in XinJiang! There is a more complete version of this video here: Part 1 Best China Info video/Cso5gsS6bYY and now Part 2 translated: 中国没有种族灭绝,MSM /西方政府对新疆持谎言 第2部分,现在用中文字幕翻译: Western government BBC lies on Xinjiang Chinese subtitles The essence of this video is further illustrated on this web page:​

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