Is China safe? Yes! China is not your enemy!

64 Thousand Yuan question:
Is China safe? Yes! (from whom? 😉) 

Is China safe? Yes. Period. China is the safest, most humane, reasonable and decent country I’ve ever had the good fortune to live in. I came here with a smile and an open mind and heart, and tried to leave any pre-conceptions behind.. Best move I ever made. Never looked back. I’ve felt warmth, hospitality kindness and friendliness every single day.

No matter where you are in the world there’ll be things that raise your hackles, China’s no different, but I can tell you honestly that China has, and continues to be a delight to me. A wonderful place to be, to work, and enjoy life – and: China is also the safest country in the world in which to live. 

I’ve never even seen a fist-fight! In six years! This tells you a lot about a country, and about China. The Chinese people are, in my experience, non-confrontational, and non-violent. This is almost universal in China. Make no mistake, if they have to, or had to defend themselves, or their loved ones, they’d fight to the last breath. But really, China and Chinese people are really genuinely peaceful, peace-loving and ready to offer the hand of friendship with everyone.

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(ok, tell you the truth, I did see a woman smack her husband on the nose a few weeks back in Hainan.’twas a good one too.. quality right cross.. 😉 –
but really – I’ve never felt threatened or in danger, not once in six years, whether daytime or anytime of night, China’s pretty darn safe!)

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Now.. umm.. where was I? Ah yes.. ‘human rights’, ‘authoritarianism’.. blah..

If you’re planning a visit to China, or are concerned in any way about the ‘human rights’ record – Let me set a record straight and put your mind at rest – In six years of living in China I haven’t seen one single instance of infringements on human rights, anywhere.

I remember arriving in Guilin, getting a taxi from the airport and just sitting in downtown Guilin to catch my breath. I rolled a cigarette and got a coffee easy enough, and I just sat, and watched: ‘Ok China – let’s have a look at you’.. At no point did I feel any ‘culture shock’, I felt safe, welcome, comfortable, ‘at home’.. .. I fell in love with China instantly.. I’ve never felt more personal freedom, never felt safer, and never been happier.

Perhaps significantly, I accepted China completely – as China is, I’ve never tried to create a ‘little island of England’ in China. There’s an old saying, when n Rome, do as the Romans do – Update: when in China – Be Chinese! Be happy!

— ChinaBazzar

In over six years of living and working in China I’ve never seen , heard of or felt ‘the hand of authoritarianism’, not seen one single shred of inhumane treatment of people – not once, not anywhere. 

— ChinaBazzar

Oh yeah.. and I’ve spent time in Guangxi, Bama, Baise, Nanning, Guilin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhangjiajie, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Hainan, Haikou, Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hohhot, Nei Menggu, (Inner Mongolia) Xiamen and I have friends all over China in Kunming, Dali, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, Tibet, Sichuan and Xinjiang, including people like the widely respected Jerry Grey (twitter)  (read his articles here:  who’ve travelled extensively through Xinjiang – So I’ve got quite a broad perspective and many valued and trusted opinions to enquire of, and they would concur with what I’m saying.

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Six years now living very happily and very safely and free as a man could wish to be right here in China! Best move I ever made, never regretted a second. I’ve experienced kindness, hospitality and friendliness every single day. China is my home and my joy. Happyhappykuaile! 

p.s. I am man who questions things; a man who is no fan of infringements on freedom, or authoritarianism, control, elitism, injustice, or inhumane treatment of humans or our fellow creatures and I’m very happy living in China! Go figure.

p.p.s I’m not paid to write this, nor am I paid for my feelings, experience or thoughts – I’m writing as I feel and as I find, from my heart and from my experiences.

I remember when I had decided to move to China, and told friends, a few of them, people I considered to be cognisant, intelligent beings were taken aback, actually worried about my decision! I was surprised at their reaction. ‘Why?’ I asked.. ‘Human rights’ came back the usual reply; almost as if regurgitating whatever claptrap the western msm had fed them.

Again, I couldn’t understand. I’m very (deeply) interested in and aware of history, current affairs and geopolitics and follow news with a system of cross-referencing and fact checking rather than taking anything at ‘face-value’.. (Though I was once ‘fooled’ by western propaganda) Suffice to say I was nonplussed and carried onward regardless! So happy I did!

I can tell you that western mainstream media and news representation of China and human right issues is 99.999999% bullcrap. 

Ok. Dogs. Dog meat.

There’s a lot of hoo-ha bandied around about China and dog meat.. well.. yes, dog meat is sometimes eaten in China. As horse meat is eaten in France. Muslims don’t eat pork. Does that make yanks or Brits a terrible race for having a bacon sandwich? There is a type of dog which is kept, just as any other ‘stock animal’ is kept, for meat.

I’m sure on occasion there are people who treat animals barbarically, in China, just as in any other country. But! I can assure you that I haven’t seen any bad treatment of animals, and that the Chinese government is opposed to inhumane treatment of animals and human beings, and there is now a ban on wild animals being traded or sold for meat. 

I can also tell you that I’ve never seen dogs, ‘regular dogs’, family pet variety, of all breeds, more loved, well-cared for, or better trained than anywhere in the world than right here in China. Seriously. 

So, the real question is this: Where do you draw the line if you eat meat? Perhaps we shouldn’t eat anything we wouldn’t be prepared to raise or catch and kill ourselves? (Does that go for vegetables?)
I was eating camel meat just t’other day at a beer festival..(tasted a bit like lamb crossed with chicken – a smidge on the fatty side..)

I write with the intention and hope to increase positive understanding of China, and Chinese people, while strengthening bonds of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the world..

— ChinaBazzar

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2 thoughts on “Is China safe? Yes! China is not your enemy!

  1. I agree about the safety, I’ve been here 16 years and have actually seen a few fist fights in my time here. However, here’s the interesting thing. They all involved foreigners. Seems the Chinese are easily riled up by a foreign face! No, I’m kidding, the foreigners get into the cheap drink, cause a ruckus, often involving girls, or insults about the government. As soon as you start flirting with someone’s girlfriend, you’re going to get into trouble and if you criticise the leadership, I guarantee you’re going to have a hard time getting out of that bar without a black eye. Chinese people become very defensive toward external criticism.
    With those two exceptions, I absolutely agree. You’re not going to meet any problems in China, and certainly not with the police. As a very important ambassador once said of Chinese laws: no one is locked up for not doing anything.

    1. Hi Jerry!
      Many thanks again for a valuable and much appreciated comment.
      Yeah I get that, in self-defence, or defence of loved ones, sure Chinese people will step in and strike back if necessary!
      I recall an incident in my first few months in China when a Chinese woman ran into me from behind and knocked me off my bike.. no major damage done, and as I got up and hobbled over to her to see if she was ok (she’d come off her bike too) I became aware of quite a few Chinese, as if out of nowhere, ‘on the perimeter..’ not interfering, but ‘watchful’; – I knew, if I’d been the kind of guy to go off of one and start ranting at the woman, or worse, they would have stepped in. Actually, I found this reassuring! Knowing that Chinese people will ‘defend’, themselves, and each other, when necessary. p.s. The woman was ok, and apologised, and we went on our separate ways.. 😉

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