Brothers In Arms – Hoping for Peace At Last for Afghanistan

“Everything you need to know about the Afghanistan situation.. – But didn’t know what to ask, or who to believe – Afghanistan. Kabul. What’s it all about? CIA made a shitload from poppies, The MIC TWAT gang ‘made a killing’ too. Afterthoughts: Of course there already is and will be a pre-planned uprising against the Taliban and any newly forming coalition government in Afghanistan – As there will also be ‘Operation Gladio’ style actors ready and prepped to carry out terrorist attacks to maintain maximum disruption via covert methods – US MIC preferred modus operandi now”

The Geopolitical facts of Life – Brian and Barrie Take You on a Tour of the New World Atlas

I was never in combat, but I think I got to see enough
of what we were doing overseas, even to our own supposed allies,
to be disillusioned. By the time I was getting out of the
marine corps, the war in Iraq was just starting
and I didn’t even want to live in the US,
because I didn’t want that done in my name.

The BBC asked questions and made ‘claims’ Barrie responded – this is the full transcript

“You are paid by China to create these videos”
Barrie: No, I am not. Neither China nor the Chinese government pay me to do what I do. The truth is, if they offered I would accept!!
But neither you, not the BBC, nor anyone else on this planet has one single shred of evidence to prove otherwise.
Barrie VVeiss
p.s. I wouldn’t care a jot if you did. Translation: I wouldn’t give a fcuk if you did.

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