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Afterthoughts – Of course there already is and will be a pre-planned uprising against the Taliban and any newly forming coalition government in Afghanistan – As there will also be ‘Operation Gladio’ style actors ready and prepped to carry out terrorist attacks to maintain maximum disruption via covert methods – US MIC preferred modus operandi now – There has been enough military hardware very purposefully left behind and as we speak and read these lines – Yes there are US proxy forces already extant in Afghanistan – and of course – this suits the US MIC fine – proxy armies and proxy wars still make plenty of money for the MIC MIPAC etc etc..

— Barrie VVeiss

Afghanistan. Kabul. So what’s it all about? Actually? CIA made a heap from the poppies, and the MIC Pentagon Raytheon Northrop Grumman Boeing BAE Lockheed Martin gang and all the rest ‘made a killing’ too..

25 Aug: Biden spews pre-written blurb: ‘Risk of attacks Al Qaeda Isis-K’
26 Aug: Boom. What a surprise. Suicide bombs in Kabul .
Bingo: New terrorist threat to have another T.W.A.T on.

The MIC TWATS (The War Against Terror Specialists) still reign in Washington.
And Afghanistan?
Had ANYONE heard of Isis-k or hear mention of Isis, Daesh or Al Qaeda with regard to Afghanistan in the recent past? No.
Except Taliban did tip off US UK some days ago of imminent threat.

— Barrie VVeiss


The Western MSM are already trying their very worst to insinuate ‘connections’ and ‘affiliations’ between the Taliban, ISIS, ISIS-K IS-K
Al Qaeda and networks such as the Haqqani network.
The truth is almost ALL of the western commentators and so-called ‘political analysts’ on this are merely paid mouthpieces for the western corporate interests MIPAC (MIC) and actually know very little about the situation – this is western media ‘Spin’. More to follow on this complicated subject soon.

— Barrie VVeiss

“You can’t win the trust of a country by invading or bombing it.”

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And the War Machine rolls on.. and on..

US MIC PNAC MIPAC: 7 countries 5 years. Having begun bombing and destruction of Afghanistan based on a lie.. Does, or should, anything more need to be discussed with this avaricious murdering gang of psychopaths?
Reality Check – Know your Enemy – ‘The Enemy Within’

Part 2: Who actually ARE the MIC ? (MIPAC) ? See: and
We put Biden’s war cabinet under the microscope and look at the clear and stated history and objectives of the War Hawks. This video is Part 2 of Analysing the semantics – Just what did the US MIC say in Alaska? As can now be seen with the vacuum deliberately left by the US admin following the spat between the US admin / Biden / Wall street and the CIA / Pentagon – This video will remain incredibly pertinent –

— Barrie VVeiss

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Latest from Moon of Alabama:

“Afghanistan – The New ‘Northern Alliance’ Resistance Has Already Fallen Apart

Yesterday I explained why I assume that Britain is trying to incite a new ‘Northern Alliance’ insurgency against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

But as today evolved that project, just three days after it went public, is dead.

Yesterday the anti-Taliban Long War Journal claimed that the insurgents were already making progress:

I would not trust any ‘source within the resistance’ – known for making implausible and exaggerated claims:

That a connection to a neighbouring country would help the insurgents is, in my opinion, a misperception.

Russia and China would come down hard on, for example Uzbekistan, if it would allow its border to be used to support the insurgency. Every neighbour country of Afghanistan now has an interest in a united Afghanistan at peace. That is why any insurgency against the Taliban will have no chance.”


h t t p s : / / w w w . m o o n o f a l a b a m a . o r g / 2 0 2 1 / 0 8 / a f g h a n i s t a n-the-new-northern-alliance-resistance-has-already-fallen-apart.html

UPDATE 30/08/2021: Kabul suicide bomb attack – 80% of those killed were shot by CIA led Afghan Kill Squad. ISKP is a CIA cutout. What? As Explained in ‘CIA OpEd’ in the NYT Aug 27. ‘Afghan Chaos: CIA Mission Will Persist for Years‘ Complex ‘counterterrorism’ mission for years to come. Quelle surprise.. Afghanistan

UPDATE: More superb writing commentary and knowledge from Russia Observer:

War Machine.. Comic farce? (not so funny after all)

  • First Published June 15, 2017

Inter.. Schminter.. Latest from China Beehive at foot of page

As I watched War Machine, – the latest movie from Australian director David Michôd and starring Brad Pitt, I wondered how relevant or pertinent this movie is.. mostly given the comic portrayal of US interventionism.. 

— Barrie VVeiss

Never mind Biden – Successive US Administrations since before even that eedjit son of a warmonger George Bush have lied constantly to the American people and the rest of the world about T.W.A.THillary Clinton, Obama, and the Invasion(s) and illegal occupation(s) of Afghanistan – – It goes way back to Carter and U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski

— Barrie VVeiss

bad news. Pro-Zionist NeoCon Warhawks such as Bolton and Pompeo are back in the driving seat.
Update: – Biden – Blinken – Flournoy – Nuland – Austin are certainly much worse..

— Barrie VVeiss
US UK Politics’? It’s an Illusion – The revolving Door of the MIPAC
Your cause is right and god is on your side.. Looks like he was right.. Eventually..

I read this: ‘Donald Trump’s hands-off approach gives US military free rein from ‘US President has delegated direction of overseas conflicts to his generals, raising fears of unchecked escalation.’ – here: – Darn.

You won’t see Saigon style Helicopter Evacuation in Afghanistan…
Behind Every Clown… composite image by Barrie VVeiss

The UN reported a “staggering” loss of life from US-led coalition air strikes in Raqqa. Official US casualty estimates are invariably conservative and the UN gave no figures on Wednesday. Airwars, a UK-based watchdog group, recently estimated this year’s civilian death toll – from coalition airstrikes – in Iraq and Syria at over 3,800.

I had wondered how relevant War Machine, Brad Pitt's latest movie is.. given his caricature portrayal of a U.S. four-star general.. Image from:
I had wondered how relevant War Machine, Brad Pitt’s latest movie is.. Image from:

And the War Machine rolls on.. and on..

I’ll leave you with some quotes from War Machine the movie.. (unfortunately, not so ridiculous, or comic after all..)

Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah. Well, Mr. President, I think our government simply felt it was time our effort took a new direction.

President Karzai: And uh, what is this new direction?

Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah! It’s most important to me that we build Afghanistan.
Together, we build Afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation, free from fear and conflict.

President Karzai: I see.

Gen. Glen McMahon: Yeah.

President Karzai: I see. Sounds a lot like the old direction

Sean Cullen: [voiceover] The thing about counterinsurgency is that it doesn’t really work. We tried it in Viet Nam. That went well… The British and the French gave it a shot trying to hang on to their crumbling empires… It just hasn’t worked. To me, it would seem kind of simple why. You can’t win the trust of a country by invading it. You can’t build a nation at gunpoint.

Sean Cullen: [voiceover] Ah, America. You beacon of composure and proportionate response, you bringer of calm and goodness to the world… What do you do when the war you’re fighting just can’t possibly be won in any meaningful sense? Well, obviously, you sack the guy not winning it and you bring in some other guy. In 2009, that war was Afghanistan, and that other guy… was Glen.

Gen. Glen McMahon: [to the group of marines] I’ve spent the last week or so talking to guys who I would call middle management, but you boys are at the coal face. After all the blah blah blah, you boys are actually where it happens. I’d go so far as to say you boys are the only thing that counts. If it doesn’t happen here, it doesn’t happen, end of story. [to Billy, who raises his hand]

Gen. Glen McMahon: Yes son?

Cpl. Billy Cole: If what doesn’t happen, sir?

Gen. Glen McMahon: It, son.

Cpl. Billy Cole: Okay, thank you, sir.

Gen. Glen McMahon: Does anyone here know what “it” is? Anyone?

Gen. Glen McMahon: Any one? [points to Ricky who’s raised his hand]

Ricky Ortega: To- uh, secure the area, sir? To protect the people from the enemy so they can go about building their lives.

Gen. Glen McMahon: Okay. O-kay. Thank you, Sarge.

Cpl. Billy Cole: Okay, but I can’t tell the difference between the people and the enemy.
They all look alike to me. I’m sure they’re the same people, sir..

Cpl. Billy Cole


So. Pertinent..? Relevant.. ? Unfortunately.. painfully so..

— Barrie VVeiss
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The MIC Money-Go-Round and the Illusion of US democracy.

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My sources – a comprehensive list – unsorted and unlabelled as yet – I’ll sort through these and label them as soon as I get a minute – many, most are quite self-explanatory...
Excellent write-up exposing the latest US UK MIC drug Cartel Operations East India Company Recommended –

Very well-informed thread taken from some of the best writing on Afghanistan’s troubles:

US installed Afghan govt links to US Oil interests:

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