US agitprop against China

Clutching at straws: anti China US agitprop fails again

The agitprop continues: Where does this latest round of propaganda, (for that is what it is) come from? An ‘east turkeystan government in exile’ – ‘east twerkystan grovellment reptile?’ Get this, ‘they’ are actually calling this twerp ‘prime minister’..

‘..60 parliamentarians’, ‘may be committing’ (Here we go with the ‘may be’s’ again) ‘US Senators..’ blah.. ‘resolution..’ blah..’

‘..further thanked the US Government decision removing the ETIM from the ‘Terror list’.. ‘especially (outgoing) Secretary of State Pompeo.

So, the US government are happy to attempt to use the ICC as a weapon against China – this is the same International Criminal Court that previously the US government refused to recognise, and whom the US admin have bullied and threatened,

Bolton, as Trump’s national security advisor, announced that “if the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly […] We will ban [ICC] judges and prosecutors from entering the United States. We will sanction their funds in the US financial system, and we will prosecute them in the US criminal system.” 

— John Bolton

Trump targets ICC with sanctions after court opens war crimes
‘The US administration has launched an economic and legal offensive on the International Criminal Court in response to the court’s decision to open an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan carried out by all sides, including the US.
The US will not just sanction ICC officials involved in the investigation of alleged war crimes by the US and its allies, it will also impose visa restrictions on the families of those officials.

Here’s an article outlining the preposterous claims being made:…:

Note how the Grauniad ‘Spins’ this: “The latest complaint makes clear that ‘the alleged’ crimes committed… The lawyers claim the torture has taken place on a mass scale”

The expected ICC decision, already relayed to lawyers:
‘There is insufficient evidence’

This peurile pile of drivel won’t make it past the receptionist..

— ChinaBazzar