Democracy? In China? Actually Yes China Has a Democratic Socialist Meritocracy


Summit for Democracy, is, actually, the US MIC Herding Sacrificial Cows + pSychophants to SubmitToDemocracy™ – The US Brand(ing Iron) Version;
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Summit for Democracy, is, actually, the US MIC Herding Sacrificial Cows + pSychophants to SubmitToDemocracy™ – The US Brand(ing Iron)Version;
Part 2 Online Now:

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China? Democratic? A Tale of Two systems: Comparing US duplicitous duopoly with China Socialist Democratic Meritocracy – – US holding a last gasp ‘Summit for Democracy’? pah.

US or China? Democratic? Democracy?
A Tale of Two systems: Comparing US duplicitous duopoly with China Socialist Democratic Meritocracy – – Summit for Democracy? pah.
‘China is a Dictatorship’ they say.. Well if you accept that it is the people who dictate, then, yeah sure! Comparing US UK aggressive duopoly with China’s successful Socialist Democratic Meritocracy.

Friend and comrade – China’s Ambassador to Cuba, former Minister to China’s Embassy in the UK – Ma Hui – recommended this video on China’s Socialist Democratic Meritocracy – (made originally for CGTN) – One is delighted to have recommendation from such a highly esteemed gentleman and scholar – a high honour indeed – Thank you @MahuiChina – minister to China UK Embassy – now China Ambassador to #Cuba

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[Music] [Applause] [Music]
okay [Music]
best china info Barrie VVEiss V V E I S S and
uh i’ve been asked (BY CGTN) if I would.. offer
my perspective on on democracy
and specifically i think at this point it’s
kind of significant because China is uh
carrying out uh elections an election
process and now

this might come as
something of a shock to to a lot of people that uh China has
elections China can vote Chinese people
can vote
yes actually
they can and they do

so so um hopefully along the way i will
be able to dispel
some myths about
the chinese system of
socialism with chinese characteristics a
social democracy with chinese
characteristics and also i hope to be
able to um
destroy the mythology
as i see it of
what western and so-called developed
countries describe as their
of democracy itself so um i’m going to
be comparing these two things and this
is my perspective this is my considered
opinion okay this is after
a lot of years of living around the
world in the uk in the us
in australia and now in china and i’ve
many sides of the coin okay
so there are elections in progress
people are voting for deputies to the
people’s congress in china across china
in cities and townships
and villages and principalities
there are these this
process of voting is happening
these people get elected and they get
elected on the basis of
meritocracy now i won’t go into the
great details of this because
it can be a little boring and if i over
intellectualize i’ll lose the message of
what i want to say um eric lee um
very well known uh
socialist capitalist i’m going to call
him he did a great speech a great ted
talk on this uh
2013 maybe
for which he received a standing ovation
and he explains this system far better
than i could and he explains it very
succinctly and and very
um entertainingly um and with a lot of

now logic there’s the word uh logic
the system in china works on logic
it works on meritocracy people get
elected on the basis of
can you do the job are you qualified do
you have experience and they have to
prove themselves they’re elected on this
basis it’s a meritocracy it’s a
democracy democratic meritocracy okay a
socialist democratic meritocracy – people
have to prove themselves..

our president Xi Jinping himself
– it took him more than 30 years to get to
the position that he’s in he’s not just
elected because
uh because he’s popular although he is
extremely popular people don’t get
elected that way in china they get
elected on can you do the job can you do
the job you’re paid to do which is to
serve the people and this is the very
basis of the government government for
the people by the people and can you do
the job

uh so people are elected on this and and
their their work and their achievements
and their progress is monitored and
reviewed and they can progress through
different tiers of government to to
higher levels and but it’s based on on
it takes many years to do this they
don’t just get there overnight they’re
not voted in
by way of contrast let’s look at at

my perspective on on the western
version of
democracy now
is it for the people and by the people
well the people have the illusion of
choice okay there’s an illusion of
choice uh we can choose this guy or this
guy or maybe some of those guys over
here but but we have a choice so it’s
democratic.. umm..

so I’m going to explain why why this is
not true
people are voted into seats of power on
the basis of personality
on the basis of how much money
has been pushed and pumped into the msm
the mainstream media to present them as
the choice that people should make
um now

this has got nothing to do with can this
guy do the job is he capable
can i trust him to run my country it’s
not based on this it’s based on it’s
like a popularity contest and here’s
another word contest
it’s zero sum it’s win or lose and it’s
divisive the whole process is
there is a divisive divide and conquer
process built into this it’s combative
it’s um
it’s about conquest it’s about winning
or losing it’s him or me it’s win or die

this is the inbuilt system this is this
is innate in the western systems of
so-called democracy
it’s them or us
so there’s no agreement in this the
whole thing is combative right from the
people vote for this guy or this guy
on the basis of what the media is
pumping out pumping into their brains
it’s based on this it’s not based on
can this guy do the job does he have a
track does he or she have a track record
in being capable of doing this
do i trust him to do this?

the whole process is
i’m talking about the western process
now western i mean the uk the us
the us and the uk are deeply deeply
divided right now and they have been for
many many years but more so than ever
before australia is also divided
but this is the game and this is the the
idea the idea is to divide people
because a people divided in in
with the western hegemonic terms
are easy to control they’re easy because
they’re fighting amongst themselves
there’s no unity in this and the system
is built on this it’s built on division
it’s built on a conquest it’s built on
zero sum win or lose him or me us or them
and so you have whole nations arguing
about how to run the country

well China
doesn’t do it like that China says well
how should we do this and they consult
and things are reviewed and and there
are five-year plans these five-year
plans are measurable
a nation of 1.4 billion people
through a government
for the people and by the people has
eradicated extreme poverty has any
western democratic system achieve this
no have they achieved anything close to
this no have they even promised this no
excuse me have they even promised this
now here’s another thing this word

in the west in the uk in america they
make these promises i’m gonna do this
make this great again rebuild this build
this back better blah blah blah it’s
and these four year cycles it’s a four
year cycle and it’s a four year cycle of
promises that are not kept and you can
go through the western systems and
history and recent history and find out
that people are really unhappy because
these promises aren’t kept they’re made
and they make these promises in order to
get elected

and the other side of this
coin the combative side is they throw as
much rubbish as much mud at the opponent
as possible to make the opponent look
so the whole system is based on on an
argument on on fighting it’s not based

how can we make our country better
for the people do you see what I’m
saying here it’s quite simple to do this
mathematics to do the math on this and
weigh the one thing up against the other
China is accused of being uh
authoritarian uh or um
or uh what’s another word that they like
to use um
a dictatorship well
this is a joke and it’s quite funny to
me um because if you consider that well
if you’re saying that the people of
are dictating to themselves

bang on correct that’s right china is a
dictatorship and it is the people who
are dictating this whole thing
do you see

i’m going to pause because i’m just
making myself laugh here hang on

four year cycle of most western
electoral systems democracies as they
like to call themselves
it’s a four-year cycle which then
gets appended
there’s a four-year cycle people get
voted they’re pushed by the msm who are
funded and given money there’s lobby
so the the
the politicians
who get elected come pre-owned you don’t
think like a car you don’t you buy a
second-hand car
it’s pre-owned it’s already owned being
owned by somebody but these politicians
are still owned by the money because
they’re bought they’re bought to take a
certain attack on things as they’re
bought to
make certain things happen for
corporations the money owns the

okay i’ll be clear about this
is my perspective but
i can’t see any of the truth in it than
were the people of the uk and the u.s uh
europe various countries consulted uh
australia consulted about uh the invasion..
the illegal invasion of Iraq
or the illegal destruction of Libya
they weren’t they weren’t consulted at
all this was
capitalist adventurism and it was stated
as a plan the PNAC for america this was
stated and written down and signed by
various people
it’s not difficult to
find this document

we’re going to take out seven countries
in five years Iraq was one Libya another
another were the people consulted
was this anything to do with people no
it wasn’t
okay i mean there’s no consultation in
this at all

um it’s not about the people you see
so and then every four years it gets
upended and then another bunch of clowns
come in
uh to
rake as much money as they can off the
back of the common people

with the promise that we’ll promise this
will promise that we’ll promise the
other whatever we have to promise to get
elected i’m going to tell you a little

just to round this up okay
a long time ago many years ago one of my
elder brothers told me this about
western politics and he said barry look
it’s like this there is only
one game in town
and that is to win
that’s it there’s nothing else there’s
nothing else matters what you say in
order to win doesn’t matter what you
promise in order to win doesn’t matter
the game is to win
and what you do after you’ve won doesn’t
matter either because you can do
anything you like

and they do
they invade countries they they pour
billions of the country’s resources into
weapons and arms and manufacturing
uh manufacturing arms and buying weapons
and selling weapons and invading other
uh capitalist adventurism imperialism if
you want to call it that
uh rob.. the way of the robber baron
scumbag that’s what the system is
so winning is the only game in town

question of
how should we run this country doesn’t
enter into this equation at all you see
it never has it never has and uh to this
day it does not

the democratic socialist meritocracy
that exists in China is built on
running the country governing the
country properly there are sets of rules
there are these things are implemented
there are five year plans it is carried

i’m not saying it’s perfect when there
are mistakes made there are reviews and
things get reviewed and things get
changed and so as eric lee said
the government might not change as such
it’s still the party
but the policies change to suit the
situation to suit the circumstances the
policies change the policies evolve it’s
a constant revolution you see
and it’s geared up for the people

and it
is the people’s voice and now more than
ever with whole system
uh democracy in china you have this
situation where people ordinary people
like you and me are involved and can be
involved at every stage of the process
even to the legislature when when laws
are being drafted

people are invited to comment to suggest
to give their views and these are taken
into account and this can be proven
things have been altered and changed on
the basis of what one person just one
person have said or several people or
many people they have a voice there is a

and this is a government
for the people by the people and it’s
the past 40 years the past 100 years you
can check out the proof of what’s
happened come to china and have a look
come and have a look at chinese cities
and then go back and have a look at your

we have peace we have stability we have
uh the way the government handled the
pandemic situation
it’s faultless and the people trust the
government and this is the other thing
the the approval rating for the chinese
government is sky high it couldn’t get
much higher there’s a reason for this
people trust the government because it
works because it’s the people you see so
is China a dictatorship
if you say that the people are dictating
to themselves yeah China’s a
dictatorship and it works okay

i hope that explains that’s my
perspective is my considered view after
many years of living all around the
i hope that it’s useful to you you know
no one’s telling me what to say here I’m
not I’m not reading some document this
is just coming up off the top of my head

anyway thank you for listening and
i hope this gets out to as many people
as possible um and i wish you all
to be in a safe
peaceful and prosperous land
like we are in China
this is possible

there are many forms of
democracy you know there are many ways
of looking at it
what exists in the west
you can you can call it democracy if you
want but it’s not
honestly really

I’m giving you the math you do the sums
thank you
there was a girl
that i love
i still do
we used to smile at each other
there was a girl
darkness all around
then there was you
You shone a light to me, and you lifted me again,
I’ve been dancing with you twice in two days..
it all seemed to make sense..
we do it all over again
over again

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