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Hua ChunYing corrects the BBC on Xinjiang

China Xinjiang Hua Chunying confronts BBC producers with Barrie VVeiss video: “BBC has a credibility crisis” Hua Chunying puts the BBC in it’s place after BBC producer complains

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Hua ChunYing and Barrie ‘correct’ the BBC…

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And the Original Video: @SpokespersonCHN – Hua Chunying – a graceful and serene human being.. beautiful and supremely capable – a joy to watch her in action!

— ChinaBazzar (Barrie VVeiss)
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Basic Translation:
BBC producer “unconvinced” Hua Chunying opposes the general!

  Original title: BBC producer “unconvinced”, Hua Chunying knocked back the western msm army!

  Hua Chunying confronts BBC producers: ‘BBC needs to take action to overcome credibility crisis’

  On March 31, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference. When talking about Xinjiang issues at the press conference, Hua Chunying played a video. In the video, Barrie, (@ChinaBazzar) a writer and video producer living in China and a former British media person, revealed on social media the source of fake news information concocted by Western media about Xinjiang. Barrie said that the main source is Adrian Zenz, a far-right, fascist with Nazi affiliations, an anti-Semitic anti-China religious zealot who has been repeatedly exposed for creating ‘fake news’ and proven falsification of data. “At first, Adrian Zenz refused the “invitation” of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), but after receiving a commission, he began to search for “evidence” to slander China.” 
However, the content of this video brought a complaint from Adrian Zenz’ ‘handler’ – a BBC producer.

Where did the western anti China propaganda campaign start on Xinjiang?

  ”I don’t know this person (Barrie) in the video. I have never met him, said nothing, and did not exchange emails. Why does he have evidence of our interaction with Adrian Zenz?” The BBC producer asked questions on the spot.

Here is the question, (the exact words) of the Scottish ‘BBC producer of all the BBC ‘reports which featured Adrian Zenz’:

Hua ChunYing corrects the BBC on Xinjiang

“I want to ask about the video you showed us earlier – I was the producer who worked on all our reports on Xinjiang which featured Adrian Zenz, I’ve never met the man who is in that video, I’ve never spoken to him, I’ve never exchanged an email with him, so I don’t understand why it is that he’s supposed to have some expertise or insight into our ‘supposed relationship’ with Adrian Zenz. If you would like to know the details of how we worked with agencies why don’t you ask us and indeed any media outlet who wants to know about that is very welcome to put a question to us about it, secondly, I’d like to correct what you said about regulation of the BBC, the BBC is regulated we have to abide by OFCOM regulations……

(Hua ChunYing Corrected this ‘producer’ – BBC world news is NOT regulated by OFCOM or anyone else!)

BBC ‘producer’ (Carrie Gracie?)

They never stop with the spin – “I don’t understand why it is that he’s supposed to have some expertise or insight into our ‘supposed relationship’ with Adrian Zenz” – Kathy Long take note – it doesn’t take a genius to be an ‘expert’ on the BBC’s ‘supposed relationship’ with Adrian ZenzHe explained it and you explained itThe BBC pays him to ‘find things’. Further, noting the ‘BBC ‘producer’ Kathy Long’s pathetic attempt to add a ‘barb’ to the end of her pointless little complaint.. @MFA_China said: –
‘BBC is not trusted even in the UK’


  Hua Chunying responded, “First of all, I don’t know this person (Barrie) either. I saw it on the Internet, but I found it very interesting. Second, you say that you are a producer of the BBC, and you don’t know him. I think it’s normal. You can see that (in the video) Zheng Guoen (Adrian Zenz) himself tweeted that the BBC asked him for evidence (evidence). He found it difficult. Because there was too little, the BBC agreed to give him a commission. (Commission), he went to find more “evidence”. But (asking (Adrian Zenz) for evidence) I don’t know if the BBC (staff) is you or your colleague. This may require you to conduct further investigations within the BBC to find out where the evidence of Adrian Zenz came from.
I think if it is possible to do so, it will be good for your BBC to restore its credibility. ”

— Hua ChunYing

Hua Chunying (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)
Hua Chunying (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

— Hua ChunYing
Hua ChunYing corrects the BBC on Xinjiang: ‘Adrian Zenz – “there’s not enough evidence”

  Regarding the BBC’s false reports on China, Hua Chunying responded that in January of this year, the BBC broadcast of “Return to Wuhan” used a scene saying that Chinese people used head coverings to arrest people, but they were actually Chinese policemen. A shot of anti-terrorism training. The BBC has a British “Royal Charter”. The British Communications Authority (Ofcom) can supervise many departments of the BBC, but it can only supervise the BBC’s national channels. In other words, BBC International, which is responsible for disseminating British values ​​to the outside world, got the “Sword of Fang Fang” to do whatever it wanted.

  These remarks also made the above-mentioned BBC producers “unhappy”. In her question, she said that the BBC is also regulated by the British Communications Authority (Ofcom).

  “Ofcom can supervise many departments of the BBC. Tell me, does Ofcom have the right to supervise the BBC international channels? We have seen reports that if the BBC domestic channels broadcast fake news, they must be supervised by Ofcom. , Will be punished. (Although they do, and they aren’t! –Barrie) However, the international channel is not subject to any supervision. It has a “shangfang sword”, which can arbitrarily concoct false information without being subject to any legal supervision and sanctions. This is what I can see from reports and public materials. Yes, if the BBC International Channel is also regulated by Ofcom, you are welcome to tell us more details.” Hua Chunying responded.

  Hua Chunying further said that the BBC’s fraudulent behavior on international issues has reached a point where even BBC insiders can’t stand it. In February 2019, BBC Syrian News Producer Dalati posted a tweet on Twitter, revealing a long-hidden “secret” about the so-called chemical weapons attack on the Syrian city of Duma. The video is fake news. But after he revealed this fact, he was blocked. Not long ago, the British scholar David Sedgwick published a book called “Fake News Factory-A Story from the BBC”. He believed that now the BBC is actually a stubborn political campaign group. This change is obviously contrary to The royal charter requires it to be impartial and politically neutral, and this has also led to the spread of the “fake news virus” in the UK. The British “Daily Express” mentioned that a public opinion survey in the United Kingdom found that half of the people believed that the BBC was unfair in its news reporting.

  Hua Chunying said that this is why we feel that the BBC is facing a credibility crisis. You need to take action and make efforts to change people’s impression of the BBC. This should be proved by more objective, fair and realistic news.
Press Conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 31, 2021

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BBC制片人“不服气” 华春莹反将一军!

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Barrie on – BBC Adrian Zenz paid for Propaganda

Hua Chunying takes the BBC to pieces – elegantly!



  华春莹回应道,首先这个人我也不认识,我是在网络上看到的,但是我觉得非常有意思。第二,你说你是BBC的producer(制片人),你不认识他。我觉得也很正常,你可以看到,(视频中)是郑国恩自己发的推特说BBC问他要evidence(证据),他觉得这很难,因为太少了,所以BBC答应给了他commission(佣金),他又去找了更多的“证据”。但(问郑国恩要证据的)BBC(工作人员)是你还是你的同事我就不知道了。这可能需要你们BBC内部再做进一步调查,把这个事情弄清楚,到底郑国恩的证据是哪里来的,我觉得可能这样做的话,对于你们BBC挽回信誉也是有好处 的。









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