Mel Jones

Mel Jones plays JSBach Toccata & Fugue in D minor on Guitar!

This is Mel Jones, my brother, playing J.S. Bach – Toccata & Fugue in D minor – on a guitar – This, I might add, is a quite monumental and Herculean effort – not just in the playing, but to transcribe this piece for guitar in the first place, which was originally written by JSBach for keyboard / pipe organ.

“I did love this piece played on the Pipe Organ, but when I heard Amy Turk’s extremely accurate(and brilliant) Harp version I thought (as the Harp is a string instrument) I could easily transpose that to Guitar !? However… “easy” faded into “nightmare” and I nearly conceded defeat, but after getting so far into the task, determination was my best weapon. I’m honoured by your compliments and I would love to get some views, but google algorithms are a bit of a lottery 🙁 My best consolation is that I got to complete the task 🙂 ”
“I looked for a version which was true to the keyboard score, though there are some lovely renditions, I couldn’t find one which transitioned through the octaves, I found the lowest note D, the highest note B♭ then went insane fitting all the bits in-between”

Mel Jones

From: – My bro’ did this! 🙂

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