Mick Wallace MEP

Mick Wallace Irish MEP speaks truth

EU wants to talk about Western backed protesters in Hong Kong where – unlike US – police have killed no protesters. Why don’t we want to talk about Yemen? Or Ethiopia where Western installed Abiy Ahmed Ali has displaced millions with his War Crimes: US UK EU turn a blind eye..

A fearless voice speaking truth to hypocrisy – Holds the mirror up to the ‘suits’ in EU UK US France Germany and co, and their ridiculous agitprop against China while they make billions from weapons that Saudi Arabia use to destroy Yemen. Salute you comrade Wallace! (jesus they must shit their pants whenever you walk in!)

— ChinaBazzar
Mick Wallace MEP
Mick Wallace MEP

Mick Wallace
Dec 19, 2020
EU gives prizes to opposition in #Belarus because it borders #Russia – we love #HumanRights when we can kick #China + #Iran – but can’t get debate in Parliament on #Yemen because we’re complicit in #Saudi #UAE Genocide that’s killed hundreds of thousands, and millions starving… https://pic.twitter.com/Ow2xYBMiO2
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RT @wallacemick: #EU – Latin America gig talked about reducing inequality + overcoming #COVID19. During a pandemic one would expect all countries would work to mitigate the spread of the virus + it’s impact on human Society. So why are #EU killing people with Sanctions #Venezuela #Iran #Cuba …? t.co/41mSn2KAOZ

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