Philippines Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin explains Myanmar

The term ‘Coup’ is being used erroneously as regards the situation in Myanmar – Burma – You see, a ‘coup’ is only a coup, if it is intended, or achieves, the overthrow of the ‘controlling authority’ of a country. This is NOT a coup. The army has always had control of the country:

Flag of Myanmar

It is clear who is agitating the unrest in Myanmar – Burma: The US MIC NED, Soros Open foundation. the same old gang, for the same old reasons.
Greed, colonialism, hegemony.


See: Angelo4justice3/status/1362324479960039424

NED funding

Note to the restless (on account of being roused) ‘yoot’ (youth) in Myanmar, Thailand, anyone still not sure in Hong Kong or elsewhere: THIS is what US MIC Democracy Freedom and Liberty will bring to your country.
Reality Check:……

See also: /LauraRu852/status/1362331973482647552 – Exporting colour revolution and its tactics. The Hong Kong 2019 manual has been translated into Burmese. Maybe they should add a chapter “How to deal with failure”.

NED c(ockr)oaching evident.. Noting, language and ‘turns of phrase’ used, this was NOT written by a #HongKonger. This has been put together by a native speaker westerner, almost certainly #UK possibly #US.

*See also ‘Oslo Peace Forum‘ Bet the BBC wish they hadn’t put this one out huh?

Watch and Listen to a dear friend of #AungSanSuuKyi Explain the situation:

Philippines Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin explains the situation in Myanmar:
The west destroyed Aung San Suu Kyi.

From Rappler

Teodoro Locsin on Myanmar

This man talks straight and pulls no punches.

Respect. “We will never listen to the west”

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