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US MIC is a parasite – China is symbiotic

Win Lose Divide Conquer Zero Sum.. Or.. What? Conflict is inbuilt, – intrinsic to so-called western ‘Democratic Systems: Friend vs Foe, Them or Us: Winner takes all – Except the ‘winners’ are NEVER the people the system is purported, designated or supposed to serve! So. What’s the alternative? Democratic Socialism? Socialism with Chinese characteristics? Most probably.

I mean, come on.. Biden? Trump? Johnson? Truss??!! Sunak???!!! Really? Can’t anyone see how ridiculous this charade is yet? There IS a so-called ‘deep state’, (the ‘UnderState’) – the banks, the people behind the Disneyesque, grotesque MIC-key Mouse masquerade of your ‘elected leaders’.. who control your governments, your so-called ‘democratic system’, they create, fund and profit from conflict. From War. They build military bases on your land from which they extend their hegemony over the planet. They are amassing tens of thousands of troops and killing machines both within and outside your borders.

They have you prisoner in an Orwellian police state without you even realising it. 1984 happened – times a thousand, to the power of ten. DoublePlusGood indeed.. They have encircled the free world (i.e. China and Russia) with nuclear missiles and enough destructive power to annihilate your populations and make your lands uninhabitable, forever. 

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

Accusations, allegations, demonisation.. sanctions.. Hybrid war.
The aggressive posturing of the US UK and EU, – The so-called ‘humanitarian’ stances taken by the likes of the BBC, Bloomberg, The NYT, WSJ, Human Rights Watch.. the IPAC, ASPI.. on false accusations of authoritarianism, ‘forced labour’, ‘gee-no-cide’.. regurgitated frantically in the hysterical yappings of the msm typing pool, the Pavlovian stenogr.. typists..

Are they all just completely ignorant and stupid or are they simply Liars-for-Money? The answer is probably all of the above. Devoid of any moral compass; regurgitating MIC / 1% – driven rhetoric; the barrage of anti-China propaganda is relentless.. It is this propaganda that justifies their very existence. Should China defend? Strike back? Retaliate?
Yes, unequivocally, yes. (and then some) ‘The best form of defence is attack’..

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

Why so? Because the playground bully only stops when someone smacks them back, hard. There follows a general overview of (just a smattering) of the dark deeds of the collective western propagandista, i.e. US UK (western) the MIC-driven administrations, corporations, MPs, polyshitons, ‘Think:’Tanks!’.

I say this with the sincerest wishes not just for Russia, China, Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, but for the sake of the rest of the world, that Russia and China triumph, completely and totally, over this terrible beast that has ridden mankind for thousands of years. .

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

Follow the Money

‘There are ‘unseen hands’ who ‘own’ and have completely infiltrated much of the world’s political and economic systems by nefarious means and are now ‘the enemy within’. (See recently; Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Greece, etc etc – Bolivia, and possibly also now Brazil look to have rebuffed attempts.. China, Russia, Iran Venezuela and Syria continue to withstand the onslaught. This rogue ‘state within states’ are gangsters, and act with impunity, as they plunder and manipulate you, and your world, mostly without your knowledge or consent. It’s known as the ‘MIC’, though now, better referred to as the ‘MIPAC’ – The Military Industrial Political Academic Complex’.
(See also:
See also: bestchinainfo.com/us-election-2020/ and bestchinainfo/how-i-was-fooled-by-western-propaganda/ OffGuardian: Westworld) (See also: ‘Manufactured Consent)

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru’ narrow cracks in his cave”

—William Blake (1757–1827)

I would like to state that I’m not ‘anti-American, I have many wonderful American friends and colleagues; in fact wonderful friends and colleagues from many many nations and creeds. Nor am I anti-British – I was born there – I love Britain and the British! Neither am I anti Jewish – I have Jewish lineage. I am also not saying that any country’s ‘administrations’ are totally devoid of any wrongdoing, past or present. But.

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

I feel compelled to provide some perspective and counterbalance to the incessant anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran-Syria-Venezuela-Afghanistan propaganda drip-feed from the western ‘MSM‘, which are of course, ‘owned’ by the ‘deep state’, the MPIC, to give it another name, the white supremacist anglozionist colonialist empire. (Which, by the way, is sliding inexorably into total decline and is destined not to recover, ever.)
(See also: Bad things happen when good people do nothing)

For hundreds of years previously these aristo-plutocracies, kleptocracies, oligarchies, call them what you will, ‘democracies’ as they now like to call themselves these days, the axis of UK US EU, Israel, Mossad, MI6, CIA et al have invaded and stolen your lands, displaced your indigenous populations, plundered your natural resources and assets, and created their own ‘supply-and-demand’ military / pharma / narcotics industry.

See: Opium War III Everything you need to know about Afghanistan
– But didn’t know what to ask, or who to believe! https://youtu.be/Y35Ku3lZ_hc

So, with that, Let’s start here:

The Opium Wars:

In 1820, China accounted for 29 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and China and India together accounted for more than half of the world’s output. Foreigners thought they could get rich in China

“the British began shipping tons of Opium into China using a combination of commercial loopholes and outright smuggling to get around the ban. American ships carrying Turkish-grown opium joined in the narcotics bonanza in the early 1800s. Consumption of opium in China skyrocketed, as did profits.

 In the late 18th century and early 19th century, opium was the world’s largest traded commodity and Britain operated the world’s largest drug cartel. The opium trade was dominated by the British East India Company, which oversaw the cultivation and processing of opium in India that was sold at auctions in Calcutta. About a sixth of India’s revenues and much of the money for the Royal Navy came from the opium trade.”
From http://factsanddetails.com/china

Much of the East coast of the USA was built on the profits of this ‘opium trade’ – Let’s be clear – this was a major drug running operation conducted by the drug gang cartels known as the British and American ‘Empires’.. has anything changed? Nah..

Add the the likes of the East India Company (British and Dutch), the #MIC; the American Military Industrial Complex as Eisenhower referred to it; (helped create) and then warned the world to beware of as he left office. They instigate and justify perpetual war via the msm mainscream mania, and thereby, through ‘manufactured consent‘, thus enslaving and leeching your social and economic potentials.  — Barrie 白矛

These ‘agencies’, agents, ‘companies’ are in turn, fully incorporated, directed and controlled and form what might be called the ‘deep state’, the largely unnoticed ‘committees’, ‘advisory boards’, policy ‘NGO’s’ and councils’, ‘Think:’Tanks’!’ the National Endowment for Democracy, (NED) Soros Open Societies, Atlantic Council, Chatham house, Henry Jackson Society, ASPI, AIPAC IPAC, Avaaz, not to mention the wholly and completely owned and controlled corporate news media aka the ‘MSM’. etc, etc.

For example, there are a plethora of ‘pro-Tibet, pro-Uyghur NGO‘s and a few mouseclicks is all it takes to find out they receive funding from bigger ‘ngo’s’ such as the NED, and so are, in fact, being manipulated by the MIC, who of course, decide ‘policy’ for the US and UK, and these in turn, are ‘directed’ by ‘the money’
(As a pertinent aside; NATO is the way the MIC control Europe)

One should always ‘follow the money’, and the trail will always lead to the Bank – the banks, ‘the old families’, the BIS, IMF, World Bank, the Federal Reserve..
oh, p.s. Just in case you missed it – the ‘Fed’ is NOT America’s bank!

During their various machinations they have bombed and poisoned the planet from the sea to the stratosphere with toxic industries and chemical and nuclear weapons and left a wasteland of unexploded and radioactive munitions which will continue to kill, poison and cripple your children, water and land for years to come.

They have turned illness and ill-health into an industry, while making you dependent on drugs which suppress symptoms and prolong your illnesses to sustain this ‘industry’.

They are causing (and have caused) the extinctions of many of your native species as they steal and ravage your native land and ruin your seas, rivers and ecosystems with pollution, deforestation, non-native cash crops, (See Palm Oil) and by mining the belly of your land out from under you. Climate change, environmental catastrophe, climate emergency, call it what you will, is not ’caused by mankind’, it is caused by the MIC, ergo, the Bank.

The ‘deep state’ control your governments, your so-called ‘democratic system’, and build military bases on your land from which they extend their hegemony over the planet. They are amassing tens of thousands of troops and killing machines both within and outside your borders. They have you prisoner in an Orwellian police state without you even realising it. 1984 happened – times a thousand, to the power of ten.. They have encircled the world with nuclear missiles and enough destructive power to annihilate your populations and make your lands uninhabitable, forever.  — Barrie VVeiss 白矛

Do these rogue states include Iraq? Libya? Syria? Iran? North Korea? Russia? China? Hungary? Venezuela, Bolivia? umm.. Nope. Guess again. There is no great conspiracy, no ‘new world order’, just a game, played out by the same old robber baron scumbags. (for ‘new world order’, read ‘old world order‘, in the guise of the United States of America, or rather, their successive ‘administrations’, and the dark hand that controls them – nothing’s changed)

Wherever there’s an IMF loan, as in Ukraine, or ‘central bank’, As in Libya now, and now, Iraq, again, – paying for the ‘debt incurred’, and, actually, imposed upon them during their recent respective unwarranted devastations – you can bet the machinations are well underway to economically crush, usurp, ‘regime-change’ or otherwise undermine, overthrow and devour a sovereign nation.

Bolivia recently resisted such blatant attempts (a full blown coup) and have now reinstated their own government! David beating Goliath for sure! Venezuela still stands. Myanmar look to have halted the onslaught.. Iceland.. hmm.. is toppled, ..or toppling?

Yes, even Russia have had some internal ‘tussles’, Hungary and China, are now either free from or are freeing themselves from the complete control of foreign, i.e. western controlled, central banks.

Unlike Vladimir Putin, you can write Trump, Biden Johnson Macron off as inconsequential. They are but finger-puppet figureheads for the masses to vote for and for the masses to have the illusion of democracy, the illusion of choice.

I would like to state that I’m not ‘anti-American, I have many wonderful American friends and colleagues; there are many things I admire about America – as kids growing up in ’60’s and ’70-‘s Britain we were given hefty doses of American culture via TV.
Nor am I anti-British – I’m British by birth. Neither am I anti-Jewish – I have Jewish lineage. I just see it as a duty to provide some perspective to the incessant anti-Russia China Iran Syria propaganda drip-feed from western ‘msm’.

I suppose this is no different than it’s ever been – ‘the west’ has to have ‘an enemy‘. Divide and Conquer and all that.. The propaganda is produced and propagated to serve the interests of the aforementioned MIC and aristo-plutocracies.

1984 happened, in the west, yes, the UK and US, times ten, times a thousand. Right under your noses. And the west dares point a finger at China about authoritarianism? Both the UK and US are Police States. We never figured out an effective response to Orwell’s warnings did we? Or Yevgeny Zamyatin‘s for that matter.. Did WE? ;>

The ‘ringmaster’, or director, if you like, of this rogue state isthe bank – in its’ many guises, and via it’s many tentacles (See Spectre) whose headquarters are in London, Washington, Paris (and of course Israel and the Vatican). They continue to usurp, extend their hegemony, and exert their usury by continuous proxy wars of aggression and occupation; ‘perpetual war‘; waged economically via ‘sanctions’, as well as militarily, and now ‘full-spectrum’ hybrid warfare is the new game in town.

All in the name of ‘liberating the oppressed from tyrants‘ ‘spreading democracy‘ and ‘protecting freedom’ while wrongfully accusing others of the crimes they themselves are perpetrators of. (A favoured tactic being to create circumstances which are designed to start wars, and give the appearance that others are to blame for such crimes.. and which ‘they’ at some juncture, will intervene – in the guise of peacekeepers as in Libya’)

See also here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6453609721722179584 and here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6454210630151962624

They are of course, the ‘hand in the glove’, (puppet) that is in fact, your own elected (and un-elected) ‘governments’ – and they lie, cheat, steal, invade, occupy, maim, poison, imprison and murder without compunction – they profit from war and unfortunately, are rarely, if ever, brought to justice (see: Jimmy Carter, Johnson, Blair, Bush I II and III, Cameron, Clinton Mr and Ms, Macron, May, Netanyahu, Mohammed Bin Salman, Biden O’Bomber, et al) They are devoid of human morals or principles. Their avarice and greed makes them un-human. 

‘By deception do they wage war upon you all.’
Actually, it’s much more devious and insidious than that:
‘By deception do they cause you to wage war upon one another’
‘Divide and conquer’: Works as well today as it’s always done.

N.B.: ‘They’ are not as clever as you might think, often clumsy, amateurish even, in their attempted ‘deceptions’ – recent world events have shown this – they are fallible, and anything but invulnerable. Their actions and activities belie their alleged humanity; – their greed and fear makes them but pawns of another master.

Their current panic and desperation (mainly due to China’s continuing and inexorable rise, and Russia’s now far superior firepower) makes them even more dangerous than usual. Their belligerence and callousness is not to be underestimated. However, and also, they underestimate people.. ordinary, everyday people.. – and this will yet be their undoing.

But soft..

In truth, these things are, to anyone with a discerning eye and half a brain, or even a modicum of common sense, – quite glaringly obvious. This is not really a revelation is it? Failure to perceive the the pitiful state of western snivelisation for what it is, can only be put down to lack of a balanced view and perspective, lack of well-informed understanding of history and ‘current affairs’ and perhaps, a collective mass ‘cognitive dissonance’.

One could also of course, take a ‘Wattsian‘ view of all this, and accept that this is just ‘the dance’, the eternal twin thread that has ever been thus, day/night, light/dark, etc.. and accept it all as such.. But, one may also be nagged by the notion that ‘bad things happen when good people do nothing..’
As the maxim goes: ‘Bad things happen when good people do nothing‘.
Time to throw the usurers out of the temple.. again.

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

There are many whose world view will never accept or wish to see the bleak view of things today, conditioned as they are, to a ‘conventional worldview’, people who think western democracy is real.. exists.. even. There are many whose mindset dare not allow any chance that their conventional foundations might be thus shaken.. – this is to some extent understandable – the White Helmets win movie awards (how ironic) and Obama was given a Nobel prize.. what the eff.? umm.. what about.. Libya? (I mean.. really..? Even Obama admitted he didn’t know what it was for..)

This, in spite of the fact that the world is quite obviously being blindfolded, beaten and mugged by patent liars and bullies like the banks, the oil/pharma/military-industrial complex, and their bought-and-paid-for servants: Johnson, May, Cameron, Obama, Trump, Macron, Netenyahu, Powell, Rice, Haley, Bolton, McCain, Bush I II and III, ‘MBS’ etc etc., and the innumerable faceless, nameless ‘acolytes’ who support them and carry out their dirty work – the 5% who make sure the filthy lucre gets to the 1% – the list goes on and on and way way back..

There are those who remain in denial (de Nile?) despite the fact that the corporate (or mainstream) media unabashedly acts as though it has never lied to you; for example, about the reasons given by Israel, France, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Britain for attacking and invading Afghanistan Iraq and Libya, and Yemen, and who are complicit and culpable in these and many other crimes against humanity… (again, there’s a very very long list..) Regardless of how glaringly anglo-zionist and propagandised the ‘news’ is.. or was that.. ‘newspeak’..

See also: https://21stcenturywire.com/2018/12/14/the-truth-behind-chinas-uyghur-problem/ ) the western mainstream media machine is undeniably nothing more than a corporate mouthpiece.. which corroborates and collaborates with various insidious, shameless and deceptive ‘NGO’ cover organisations like the NED, National Endowment for Democracy, White Helmets, The Syrian American Medical Society, Purpose and Avaaz, and the so-called ‘Atlantic Council‘.. to name but a few.

Orwell must be turning in his grave. And don’t even start me on HongKong..

The people don’t seem to have any voice or power, seem to unable to depose the despots, shake off the vampires, the parasites.. but then I’ve always maintained that if your vote changed anything, you probably wouldn’t have one.
( See Also: Western Democracies are Parasitic. Socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is Symbiotic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEmvPmCgjtg and ‘Summit for Democracy? Tale of Two systems Compare US duplicitous duopoly with China’s Democratic Socialist Meritocracy’… https://youtu.be/3iKWPb5fOkw via @YouTube )

Consider – the western system of US ‘democracy’, especially in relation to the rest of the planet, is essentially parasitic – the system extant in China, in relation to the rest of the world is essentially symbiotic.

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛

There are people that yet still, cling to something that was never true. That the ‘Empire’ (‘s) were anything other than a succession of lying cheating stealing robber baron scumbags intent on ripping the whole world off while convincing ordinary citizens to carry out this skulduggery for them in the name of.. whatever… or under pain of..

There are also those including some in the public eye too, who retain some integrity, and are not afraid to stand up for their principles; to shout: ‘the emire has no clothes!’.. Vladimir Putin, Lord West , Roger Waters , Natalie Portman , one takes heart from such people.

Too obvious; to offer yet another summation of the rotten state of western snivelisation and the aristo-plutocracies incessant drive for hegemony. There are plenty of other people who can, and do, comment on this far more eloquently and with far greater insight and knowledge than I.

There are superb articles here: https://www.strategic-culture.org moonofalabama.org-us-financed-human-rights-organizations-create-anti-chinese Chris Kanthan at WorldAffairs www.StrategicCulture.org, John Pilger, TheSaker 21stCenturyWire, (-us-diplomats-involved-in-trafficking-of-human-blood) (See also: https://21stcenturywire.com/tag/myanmar/) (Yes Myanmar’s being ‘prepped’.. as is Venezuela..) Medialens.org Robert Fisk and Jonathan Cook et al. www,GlobalResearch.ca https://patrickarmstrong.ca/ , https://off-guardian.org/ , and here: http://thesaker.is/anglozionist-short-primer-for-the-newcomers/ – there are many people whose understanding of the world situation far exceeds mine – not difficult to find if you wish to get more perspective. (See also: https://21stcenturywire.com/tag/myanmar/) (Yes Myanmar‘s being ‘prepped’.. as is Venezuela..) Medialens.org Robert Fisk and Jonathan Cook et al.

Here’s a superb example: We all owe a greater debt of gratitude than most might at first believe to certain people of integrity – such as Vladimir Putin – people who are strong enough to stand up and ‘do the right thing’ – no matter the ‘slings and arrows’..
Worthwhile viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqD8lIdIMRo

Let’s close for now with a question:

Would any of the aforesaid miscreants have done what they’ve done, and do what they do, if there were no money in it for them?
Simple answer? No. Of course they wouldn’t.
And so, it all boils down to that basic fact.. filthy lucre.. or, to be more precise..
The love of money, is, the root of all evil.. as the saying goes. Greed.

— Barrie VVeiss 白矛


Would your ‘politicians’ (Correct term: PolyShitons – They crap on everybody) – supposedly there to serve the people, carry out their nefarious duties if they were on basic pay with no perks, back-pocket money, bribes, pay-offs or other sundry financial incentives.. vested interests..? No. They wouldn’t.

Would any of the above-mentioned despots and miscreants have done what they’ve done, and do what they do, if there were no money or power (power being equal to money) in it for them? Simple answer. No. Of course they wouldn’t. And so, it all boils down to that basic fact.. filthy lucre.. the love of money, the root of all evil.. as the saying goes.

So anyway.. and while we’re on the subject of money..

I was looking at paintings by one of my favourite artists; Hieronymus Bosch, and found one I wasn’t hitherto aware of – ‘Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af temple’ – Christ Driving the money changers from the Temple (see also below) and it occurred to me.. as I pondered this painting.. and read up a few things.. that.. maybe..

Maybe it’s time to throw the usurers, the moneylenders, out of the temple.. again. Far be it from me to get all ‘biblical’, (after all I’m not the messiah, I’m a very naughty boy.. 😉 but I see meaningfulness to the present in this legend.. this fable.. if you like.. 

So.. an obvious current point of reference.. right?

Temple.. avarice, greed, moneychangers.. false accusations.. deception.. So, ‘What..’ I hear someone say.. ‘We await ‘the second coming’ to sort it all out for us?’ Well.. I’ve read and mused recently.. Zionist ‘factions’ claiming to be preparing for a ‘second coming’.. feck. – and oft times past on various references to ‘the second coming’ as not being ‘anthropomorphised’ (albeit in glorious, godly and invincible form) at all.. but rather, as a consciousness in people.. ‘Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness.. call it what you will..

* Most interesting interview with the fourth Lord Rothschild in which he speaks quite frankly about the Balfour declaration, and his uncle Walters’ and cousin Dorothy’s role in the creation of Israel and indeed, of , and I quote: ‘inserting’ people into the high echelons of the establishment..’ – I must note here, I don’t have anything personal against the Rothschilds, no axe to grind at this point, (no more so than toward any other bunch of robber baron scumbags or eugenicists such as Bill Gates anyway, and, whilst on the subject of ‘conspiracy theory’ – Well of course there are conspiracy theories – because THERE ARE CONSPIRACIES!) – the so-called ‘new world order’ is merely the same old same old world order.. the ‘old families’ of Europe and beyond, the aristocrats, the corporate elite, the oligarchs.. the inter-marriage lineage of Roman and Germanic warlords – which of course merged and became the all-powerful ‘big two’ churches – Catholicism and Christianity, (which later led the ‘Crusades’ against the Muslim world, and still are)- and other ‘nouveau riche’ pretenders to thrones.. (and neither do I have anything against Jews (I have Jewish lineage) (as for Zionists.. another matter)

Further to this I would note that Lord Rothschild (is it ‘Lord’ or ‘Baron’? .. can’t remember) speaks here quite matter-of-factly, most candidly and with no hint at all of conspiracy or subterfuge. He actually seems to me to be quite a likeable fellow on a personal level. As he states in this interview, these are the spheres and roles that they (the Rothschilds) have almost always moved within and played.. just their roles, in the great game.. and they see nothing particularly sinister in their actions or motivations,

“It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it” right?— Barrie of the V

Nevertheless they must be well aware of the effects of their actions, their machinations.. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj5eypBex-U

As for people.. parties.. agents and agencies below them.. so to speak.. well.. similarly.. their greed and avarice belie their alleged humanity – they are devoid of conscience, decency or morals. To quote the phrase again: ‘The love of money is the root of evil’ – which of course, refers to greed.. avarice.. to put it another way:

Radix malorum est cupiditas” – “Greed is the root of evil” – and I suppose it’s easy to play the greedy and avaricious.. and to get the greedy to play.. and of course, to play the avaricious role.. ultimately.. we all have a choice.. everyone has a choice on which part they play..

‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts’,Shakespeare (and I have my doubts about the veracity of ‘Will’s’ authorship..) – As You Like It.. (apparently..) Although it originated with Pythagoras: “This world is but a stage / Whereon many play their parts; the lookers-on, the sage”

In closing, I would point any reader with an enquiring mind in the direction of most well-informed blogs by people like #AndreVltchek: ‘US demagogy: They’ve conditioned billions of brains into a servile way of thinking. This is not propaganda anymore; but indoctrination. It hardly ever misses its target. So far, it’s bulletproof.’ https://newagebd.net/article/110558/why-is-china-painted-as-capitalist-by-western-propaganda

There are superb articles here: MoonofAlabama https://www.strategic-culture.org moonofalabama.org-us-financed-human-rights-organizations-create-anti-chinese www.StrategicCulture.org, John Pilger, TheSaker 21stCenturyWire, (-us-diplomats-involved-in-trafficking-of-human-blood) (See also: https://21stcenturywire.com/tag/myanmar/) (Yes Myanmar’s being ‘prepped’.. as is Venezuela..) Medialens.org Robert Fisk and Jonathan Cook et al. www,GlobalResearch.ca https://patrickarmstrong.ca/ , https://off-guardian.org/ , and here: http://thesaker.is/anglozionist-short-primer-for-the-newcomers/ – there are many people whose understanding of the world situation far exceeds mine – not difficult to find if you wish to get more perspective.

One still holds hope. It seems appropriate to sum up.. with the words of one of our great prophets.. Brian:
“You’re all individuals.. You’ve got to work it out for yourselves..” – “Yes! We’re all individuals!” ;>
(and maybe throw those greedy avaricious bastards out of the temple (again) while you’re about it.. ) Work it out for yourselves.. ;>(“He’s Not The Messiah, he’s a Very Naughty Boy!”)

Or even.. ‘Too much.. too much f’ing perspective now’ — David St Hubbins, Spinal Tap. ;>

References: Handmade Films Monty Pythons’ ‘The Life of Brian

Various sources (‘open source’ sources, you might say)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Kristus_uddriver_kraemmerne_af_templet-800x523.jpg

Hieronymus Bosch ‘Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af temple’​ Christ driving the money lenders from the Temple


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hieronymus_Bosch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kristus_uddriver_kræmmerne_af_templet.jpg http://www.smk.dk/en/explore-the-art/search-smk/#/detail/KMS3924 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleansing_of_the_Temple

The header picture is either: Hieronymus Bosch – Kristus uddriver kræmmerne af temple – Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple or (possibly) Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple, after 1569. Bruegel (Brueghel), Pieter, the Elder (ca 1525-1569) 

(The National Gallery of Denmark list this painting as: Hieronymus Bosch (efterfølger) Netherlandish, Circa 1450 – 1516 and Pieter Bruegel d.Æ. (tidl. tilskrevet) Netherlandish, 1526-1530 – 1569-09-09 – Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple, After 1570)

But soft.. What light from yonder painting breaks?


Saint John the Baptist – Leonardo Da Vinci: from: https://www.leonardodavinci.net/images/gallery/st-john-the-baptist.jpg – The great man’s last painting… and to my mind, a message for us.. all of us.

So! Should China respond? retaliate? Too bloody right they should!

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.. Remember, the playground bully will keep right on bullying until someone gives them a smack on the nose) — Barrie VVeiss ChinaBazzar

See also: Barrie on Youtube on WHY there is a relentless torrent of anti China propaganda from western msm and governments

Don’t even start me on ISIS-Schmisis… More to follow..

Q: Who’s pulling the strings? Your governments?

A: No, They are the ones whose strings are being pulled. (albeit, with foreknowledge..)

Q: So, by whom?
A: The MIC. (MIPAC) (Military Industrial Political Academic ‘Complex’, MainScreamMania – MSM)

Q: Who are the ‘MIC’? (MIPAC)
A: Those who profit, hugely and continually from perpetual war, and whose ‘shares’ pay huge dividends to those members of government who lie, coerce, propagandise and sanction their perpetual wars. The 5% who ensure the continued syphoning upward to the 1%.
Ergo, The Banks

– The Banks always play both sides of the board in the ‘geopolitical chess game’
– funding and instigating both sides of conflicts
– and the Bank is always the winner
– profiting from interest on war-loans, reparations, nation (re)building
– The Bank – whose Headquarters are also known as the illegal apartheid anglo-zionist states called Israel and the Vatican –
~ Their time is almost over – but be wary
– The Holy Roman Empire is lashing around wildly as does a drowning man, as he drowns.


Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gymnmTVBboA
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvr5FUyBx80