Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act signed into Law?- A Reminder about Spin

As the ‘Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act‘ is signed into ‘Law’ – A reminder: Detailed Analysis of exactly how Bloomberg, BBC et al, SPIN the ‘opinion’, and ‘(mis)interpretation’ of clowns like Adrian Zenz to concoct ‘allegations of gee-no-cide and slav.. um.. force.. erm.. coerced?
Labour, or Labor.. if you are so inclined..

Furthermore, let’s be under no illusion about this; the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act(‘Act’ being the operative word) is nothing more than another feeble attempt to strangle the economy of China’s Xinjiang using nefarious means – US law (unto themselves) being used to coerce others into bending to their will – in their continued hybrid war against China.

— Barrie VVeiss

This Web page and embedded video Contains Detailed Analysis of EXACTLY how Bloomberg, BBC et al SPIN the ‘opinion’, and ‘interpretation’ of people like Adrian Zenz to concoct ‘allegations of gee-no-cide and ‘slave’, .. erm.. ‘forced’, sorry.. coerced.. umm.. co-arsed* labour? (*This is the latest term, Coerced? Read – Jobs and work for the ‘couldn’t-be-arsed’)

Excerpt: Xinjiang products ‘out of stock’ shows Walmart brand dilemma? US govt coercion – if it’s true I’m personally boycotting WalMart and advising friends in China to do the same. Walmart are pulling a flanker. Deliberately not restocking #Xinjiang products. Make them pay for this. #BoycottWalmart.
Quote: there’s the question – I’m going to show you how ridiculous this all is okay Adrian Zenz own words ok? – “so unprecedented – I’ve never seen this – the company not only accepts – labor transfers of of Uyghur workers from the government the company actually has a poverty alleviation cadre – a card with a government official poverty alleviation government officials in Xinjiang do it says literally in the text the cadre enters households talks face-to-face with the poor ‘spreads’ the ‘party’s policies’ and then it says literally ‘prescribes the right medicine’ meaning ‘implements targeted poverty alleviation according to the actual situation of the household’ (And?!!) and as …
– Right what he’s saying is that the company sends somebody to discuss with people in villages who are maybe poor and don’t have employment what can be done to help them – it’s that simple there’s no mystery about this this is nothing that’s sensational: “! What can we do what kind of work can you do this is fact-finding they go they find out what people can do what skills they have find them jobs and and — where’s the big deal in this?? This is not uh – this is done again probably in every country in the world for those who care about their people – right we’re going to find you some work – and we’re gonna we’re gonna tailor this – to your household what suits you – where’s the big deal now this has suddenly become in Zenz’s words and Bloomberg’s words – in the BBC’s words this becomes ‘coercive’ – they use this term coercive – they spin it – this is ‘poverty alleviation‘ this is helping people transcend poverty and find gainful employment – if that means they go away to work sometimes – it happens all over China it – happens all over the world – so i fail to see what is sensational about this – and I am astonished that Bloomberg have resorted to the same guy that the BBC paid so we’re guessing the Bloomberg have paid this nazi zealot as well – I’m astonished that they’ve resorted to this level when this has been disproven debunked shown up to be fraud – manipulated data data – Re: ‘slav.. um.. force.. erm, coerc.. umm.. tainted solar panels? umm.. force.. coerc.. umm.. tainted solar panels:

— Barrie VVeiss

Check the text – Run with video from around here: :

10:09 okay we’ll continue: about their reliance 10:12 on the region 10:13 rife with alleged human rights abuses 10:15 right 10:17 region is rife the region isn’t rife 10:22 with alleged 10:22 human rights abuses the media is rife 10:26 with alleged human rights abuses the 10:29 media is 10:30 rife with these allegations it’s not 10:32 Xinxiang that is rife 10:34 with allegations it is the media so 10:38 these people are idiots I they don’t 10:40 even speak 10:41 grammatically correct this is rubbish 10:45 okay let’s continue Shinta 10:48 energy east hope group and GCL poly 10:51 energy holdings 10:52 have been linked to a state-run 10:54 employment program that according to 10:56 some foreign governments and academics 10:58 may at times amount to forced labour okay 11:02 so according to some foreign governments 11:06 and academics now let’s go back to 11:09 the guy again here he is 11:12 they quote um and they say we worked 11:16 with Adrian Zenz okay this this work 11:20 it says here this investigation is the 11:22 work of a big team 11:24 a big team of business journalists put 11:26 together over months 11:28 it’s a centrepiece of the next at 11:30 climate this is uh Bloomberg’s 11:33 uh climate division magazine and the 11:36 subject of a new quick take 11:38 again Bloomberg documentary so it’s a 11:40 big team 11:41 they say it’s very important and it’s 11:43 going to be their centrepiece 11:44 well I’m going to take it to pieces 11:46 before it even gets aired okay 11:48 so they say they say Bloomberg 11:52 let’s find this guy let’s find the quote 11:55 we worked with Adrian Zenz what a 11:57 surprise 11:58 he crops up again okay here you are 12:02 we also worked with Adrian Zenz the 12:05 leading outside researcher 12:06 they say into allegations yeah he’s the 12:09 leading clown 12:12 who makes these allegations right 12:14 forced labour 12:15 okay again an allegation his findings 12:18 have already led to embargoes on cotton 12:20 so the raw material for solar panels 12:23 could very well 12:24 be next we hope this is what the agenda 12:26 is 12:28 to create an embargo somehow on China’s 12:31 solar industry 12:32 and they’re using Adrian Zenz well I 12:34 tell you what let’s look let’s look at 12:35 what was 12:36 what was said and um and what Bloomberg 12:39 say 12:40 Adrian Zenz methods are on this this 12:43 thing 12:45 um so they say 12:48 okay um excuse me here 12:52 authorities have pushed work programs in 12:54 Xinxiang including the transfer of 12:55 workers in the region and 12:57 critics say most likely involve coercion 13:00 well 13:00 they would of course most likely involve 13:03 okay Zenz doesn’t have access to any 13:06 hidden government archives or 13:08 whistle-blowers regarding forced labour 13:10 okay 13:10 quote from Bloomberg he doesn’t have 13:13 access to these things 13:14 right he and his researchers simply 13:17 search for companies or products they 13:19 suspect 13:21 might be tied to a labour program 13:26 using google and Baidoo this is high-tech 13:29 stuff Google and Baidu – Adrian Zenz and 13:31 his team 13:32 are using Google invited wow that takes 13:34 some technical knowledge 13:36 okay China’s most popular search engine 13:40 sometimes the researchers use Google’s 13:41 cache function which saves copies of 13:43 websites that might be blocked or taken 13:45 down okay 13:46 and what do they get this basic method 13:48 it turned up in April 2018 statement on 13:50 the Xinxiang government’s website with 13:52 reference to TBEA 13:54 co who gave gave employment they gave 13:57 employment to 300 poor workers it says 14:00 here from Hotan 14:01 okay an area with a large Uighur 14:03 population 14:04 that it says and now this is Bloomberg’s 14:06 words been targeted by the government’s 14:08 assimilation policies now this is their 14:10 language 14:12 what we’re talking about is it’s an 14:13 employment program it’s an employment.. it’s 14:15 a program 14:16 to help people get work and have gainful 14:19 employment 14:20 all this has been spun into uh 14:24 coercive they use this word coercive 14:26 okay 14:27 well if coercive means look you can be 14:30 unemployed and poor or we can find you a 14:32 job if that’s coercive 14:34 so be it but at the end of the day and 14:37 that the facts remain that 14:38 that the standard of living of we the 14:41 Uyghur population 14:42 has increased because of these 14:45 employment programs this is a western 14:48 spin 14:49 calling it coercive alluding to forced 14:52 labour okay so let’s look I’m going to 14:55 show you this 14:56 this document I have it here oh here we 14:58 go okay 14:59 let’s look at this Adrian Zenz is 15:01 currently bragging okay I can’t check 15:03 this 15:03 a friend sent this um he’s bragging 15:07 because he’s saying uh okay new evidence 15:09 provided by me 15:11 to Bloomberg implicates implicates get 15:13 the word implicates 15:15 three of the world’s largest polysilicon 15:17 makers in Xinxiang’s 15:18 coercive labour transfer program so this 15:21 is all 15:22 semantics and spin so Zenz is saying 15:25 it’s uh implicating in what 15:29 he’s calling a coercive labour transfer 15:31 program which is just an employment 15:33 program okay 15:34 so this let’s remember and bear this in 15:36 mind this is 15:37 all spin it’s spin this is the 15:40 terminology they’re applying SPIN to 15:42 something which is 15:43 done in every country in the world help 15:45 people well most countries I would 15:46 imagine 15:47 trying to help their people find 15:48 employment and lift 15:51 their standard of living okay so 15:54 and Adrian Zenz says here uh including 15:57 some of the ‘most blatant evidence’ I’ve 15:59 seen to date well let’s rephrase that 16:01 for you Adrian 16:03 some of the ‘most blatant and ridiculous 16:06 spin’ I have seen to date okay 16:09 and oh as a camp here okay so it’s 16:12 actually 16:13 where they make uh 16:17 produce solar panels and um 16:22 and polysilicon okay so I’m gonna blow 16:25 this up.. so I can go back to this 16:28 document here’s the official document 16:30 okay 16:31 which was on a government website which 16:34 talks and I’ve had this translated 16:36 and it says that we’re providing 16:38 employment opportunities we’re giving 16:40 employment we’re going to take 16:41 two 300 people on and give them jobs 16:43 here in this it’s not slave labour 16:46 most of the heavy work is done by 16:48 machines if they’re slaves okay 16:50 fair enough so we’ll move from there 16:54 to uh 16:57 the next well we go back to this um they 17:00 again is spin assimilation policies it’s 17:02 their spin 17:04 um Adrian Zenz says 17:07 it shows the company not only accepting 17:10 laborers 17:10 workers but being directly implicated 17:13 now 17:14 it doesn’t show anything of the kind he 17:16 is implicating 17:18 because he is using this word coercive 17:22 it’s just an interpretation it doesn’t 17:24 mean anything it has no 17:26 basis in fact okay 17:30 so um here’s the English translation 17:34 maybe he got this word drive and because 17:36 this is a literal translation and he 17:38 says drive 200 and 300 people does that 17:40 mean take them all the way probably 17:42 and provide them with nursery facilities 17:44 to look after their children while 17:45 they’re working away as 17:46 most many many many parents in china do 17:49 work away from their children it’s 17:51 nothing new it’s no big deal 17:53 um okay so we’ll go forward 17:57 this word drive does not mean force okay 18:01 he says it shows the company not only 18:03 accepting labour’s workers but being 18:05 directly implicated 18:06 in a labour program okay but he’s calling 18:09 it this coercive 18:10 intrusive recruitment usually done by 18:13 the government 18:14 says here we have a little graphic 18:17 they’ve gone 18:18 they’ve done here um of a facility 18:22 um that makes or produces 18:27 solar stuff sports facilities and it 18:29 says here 18:30 workers were seen walking to work 18:33 from what appear to be dormitories all 18:35 living quarters 18:36 there is nothing unusual about this this 18:38 happens all over china and people will 18:40 live where they work often or they 18:42 travel 18:43 understand dormitories while they’re at 18:44 work this is not 18:46 slave labour this is not coercive labour 18:48 this is not 18:49 forced labour this is common practice in 18:51 china and probably in many other 18:52 countries around the world 18:54 it’s no big deal.

Also – The utter absurdity of USUK political propaganda:
Solar Panels Made In China are bad, but Japanese nuclear sewage is good? – Beneath contempt, slithering beneath the gutter slime..”

Reproducing in full via DotDotNews HK and Observer NetworkToday

See also Best China Info ridiculing Bloomberg’s latest anti – China mockumentary:


► Wen Observer Net Zhou Yibo See Best China Info video taking Bloomberg’s mockumentary to pieces below

Barrie, an observer on China, a former journalist of a renowned British media outlet, a YouTuber who produces video clarifying current issues about the dispute between the West and China, and a writer and geopolitical commentator who has been living in the country for almost nine years. Barrie’s video was once played and cited in a press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a conversation between the spokesperson Hua Chunying and a foreign journalist. DotDotNews recently connects with Barrie and conducts an exclusive interview with him.
In this interview, we talk about the recent disputes about Xinjiang cotton, the Japanese government’s plan on releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, the double standard of the Western narration, and how the West is trying to stigmatize China.

“Solar panels are not good because they are from China, and nuclear waste water is good because they are from Japan. This is ridiculous…”

In an interview recently, Barrie VVeiss, a British video blogger and creator of the “Reliable China” website, exposed and accused the Western media of continuing to stigmatize China while selectively ignoring “Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water.” “The double standard of the problem.

Barrie bluntly said that the United States is built on double standards, which is the lowest level of hypocrisy.

DotDotNews page on this interview

Since December last year, Barrie has been posting videos on social media that refute China’s fake news. On March 31, a video of his “exposing the main sources of information about Western media concocting fake news about Xinjiang” was also broadcast by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying to reporters at the regular press conference.

On April 22, Hong Kong media “Dian News” released an interview video with British video blogger Barrie VVeiss, talking about “how the West slandered China”, “Xinjiang cotton incident”, “Japan discharges nuclear waste water”, “China” The development and change of the country’s economy” and other topics.

According to “Dian News”, Barrie now lives in Guilin, Guangxi, China. He was a senior British media practitioner. He has been observing Chinese affairs for a long time and has produced a large number of videos about disputes between the West and China as a YouTuber.

Public information shows that Barrie is also a political commentator and writer. He created the “Best China Info” website and continues to publish relevant content that refutes China’s fake news.


Screenshot of Best China Info” website – See Best China Info video taking Bloomberg’s mockumentary to pieces below

In this interview, Barry said that in 2019, he realized how unfair the West is to China, and how unfair the reports about China presented in the world media—especially about Hong Kong. Report.

“I think (these reports) are terrible, so I started to speak up. I have always opposed the hypocritical things done by the Western media.”

Barry pointed out that although he currently lives in China, he opposed these things when he was still in the UK. “This is not something I started doing after I came to China, but I now regard China as my hometown and I love China. I am willing to speak for China.”

“There are too many things to slander China. This is a war launched by the (Western) media against China.”


“Reliable China” oil pipe account publicity shot

Regarding the “Xinjiang Cotton Incident” that occurred some time ago, Barrie believes that this was an “attack” against China’s Xinjiang, and it did harm the Uyghurs, “because cotton production is Xinjiang’s main trade, Xinjiang’s Large-scale agriculture.”

“From’slave labor’ to’forced labor’ and then into’coerced labor’, the literal expression (in Western media) has changed, and some expressions have been downplayed. “

In Barry’s view, this change was due to the fact that the Western media realized that “they were wrong in the beginning”, but when they were pointed out that the evidence was insufficient, they just chose some “lighter words” to continue this passage. A lie that the Chinese know.


“Point News” interview video with Barry Weiss

In response to this incident, Barry produced a video that “exposed the main source of information about Western media concocting fake news about Xinjiang”, and pointed out that one of the sources was Adrian Zenz, an anti-China activist who was repeatedly exposed to fabricating fake news. One is the Western media itself.

Barry claimed that Zheng Guoen initially rejected the BBC’s “invitation”, but after receiving a commission, he began to seek “evidence” for him to slander China. The false information widely quoted by Western media, such as “1 million Xinjiang Uyghurs in concentration camps,” were fabricated by Western media.

According to CGTN’s previous report, on March 31st, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying played this video of Barry to reporters present at the regular press conference, and even made a BBC producer on the scene anxious.

“I have never seen the person who appeared in that video, never contacted him, and never emailed him, so I don’t understand why he could give the so-called relationship between us and Zheng Guoen. Expert opinions and comments?” The BBC producer questioned the Chinese side in a live question.

Hua Chunying responded, you said that you are a producer of the BBC and you don’t know him. I think it’s normal, because (Zheng Guoen) asked him for (evidence), not that you asked him for it. . You can see that (in the video) Zheng Guoen himself tweeted that the BBC asked him for evidence (evidence). He found it difficult. Because there was too little, the BBC agreed to give him a commission (commission). To find more “evidence”.

“But (asking Zheng Guoen for evidence) I don’t know if the BBC (staff) is you or your colleague. This may require further investigation within the BBC to clarify this matter. In the end, (Zheng Guoen)’s evidence is Where did it come from? I think if it is possible to do so, it will be good for your BBC to restore its credibility.”Image

Barry’s video was played at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Source: CGTN

Although the “Xinjiang Cotton Incident” has subsided a bit, Barry believes that the Western media’s attacks on China will not stop.

“The BBC has now backed off, but Bloomberg has started to follow the BBC’s old path and instead tried to slander China’s solar panels.

According to previous reports from, on April 13, local time, a Bloomberg article entitled “Secrets and Abuse Allegations Haunt China’s Solar Energy Plant in Xinjiang” attempted to label Xinjiang’s photovoltaic industry as “forced labor.”

Barry said that although he has clarified Bloomberg’s unprovoked allegations, whenever Western media reports are falsified and found to have created rumors, they will only change the target of attack to frame other things in China.

“This is a’hybrid war’ against China, including the previous trade war and some unfair sanctions. They were unable to take military action to attack China, so they tried all other methods to suppress China.”


“Point News” interview video with Barry Weiss

When talking about the issue of “Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water,” Barry bluntly stated that the Western media’s “lost voice” on the matter reflected a “very bad double standard.”

“The United States was built on the basis of double standards. The United States was established at the time by slave owners who wanted freedom. They have always had double standards. This is the lowest level of hypocrisy (hypocrisy of the wrost order).”

“Solar panels are not good because they are from China, and nuclear waste water is good because they are from Japan. This is ridiculous…”


“Point News” interview video with Barry Weiss

At the end of this interview, Barry expressed emotion about his life experience in China in recent years, “In my eyes, this may sound unexpected, but I think China is actually more democratic than Western countries. I see China The government and the Communist Party of China uphold the spirit of’relying on the people and serving the people’.”

“Look at the speed of China’s progress, look at China’s changes, (this system) is effective for China’s development.”Source | Observer Network
See Best China Info video taking Bloomberg’s mockumentary to pieces below

‘Tainted Cotton’ becomes ‘Tainted Solar Panels’: MSM Latest Smear Campaign Against China Xinjiang from Bloomberg – full Chinese translation version – all of the six available videos in one video.. First it was ‘genocide’*, then ‘cultural genocide, then slave labour, then forced labour, coerced labour, then diluted even more to: ‘Tainted Cotton’ which now becomes ‘Tainted Solar Panels?
The BBC having been publicly slapped down by Hua ChunYing and Barrie using Adrian Zenz own words run away with their tail between their legs (to Taiwan) ‘drop the baton’ and Bloomberg very clumsily pick it up.. and continue the anti China rhetoric now with this laughably flimsy ‘Tainted ‘impure’ PolySilicon.. Like.. Tainted Solar Energy? Mechanised robot factories full of.. umm.. ‘robot machine slaves’.. Really? Whatever next? Tainted kebabs? Beneath contempt. Hilarious. Western msm latest Smear Campaign against China Xinjiang from Bloomberg – See @climate (Twitter) and Bloomberg collaborating with Adrian Zenz and ‘codging’ together a ‘mockumentary’ full of twaddle – FULL CHINESE TRANSLATION VERSION COMING OUT TODAY – splicing all 6 into one video. N.B. * Genocide: Any Person or Government Propagating allegations of #Genocide​ via anti #China​ propaganda using the deceptions of self-confessed antisemitic #Nazi​-affiliated #AdrianZenz​ is profaning the #Shoah​ – This is a profanity, an obscenity – spitting on the graves of holocaust victims #Realitycheck#US#UK​ – See also my video here:…​ The relentless MSM Latest Smear Campaign attempts to use ‘Forced Labour’ slur against China Xinjiang – hit piece from Bloomberg​ via BestChinaInfo Recommended by…​ 中英双字幕:揭露涉疆谎言第2集,中国有五个自治区,为什么在新疆搞政治抹黑?How China ISN’T crushing Uyghurs in XinJiang! Exposing BBC anti China agitprop this full video now translated with the completion of this second part with Chinese subtitles 中国没有种族灭绝,重要的视频看三遍!BBC / MSM /西方政府的涉疆谎言 Full video is now completely translated with Chinese subtitles: (Chinese subtitle version here:​ Part 2 available now here:​ 中国没有种族灭绝,MSM /西方 政府对新疆持谎言 第2部分,现在用中文字幕翻译: Western government BBC lies on Xinjiang Chinese subtitles ) UPDATE: We’re working, and researching, in great depth, follow-ups to this video. We’ve found some totally damning and utterly irrefutable material which PROVES beyond any doubt that western governments have concocted this whole sorry story, and the next few videos should put an end to the western MIC agitprop and propaganda on China Xinjiang and Uyghurs for good – stay tuned! The essence of this video is further illustrated on this web page:…​ See also, accompanying background and materials at:…​ I post regular updates and links on our ‘community’ page: Again, a few more people have asked about the intro / outtro BGM (background music) on some of our videos. here’s one of the songs we use: Copyright Barrie Jones 1993 (Demo) Two Worlds (confusion) Recorded in 1993 – my brother Mel on guitar.. Copyright 1993 PRS Tunecode – 7255174F – ISWC – T-011.463.136-5 –…​ We wish to give a huge and heartfelt thank you to Angelo Giuliano who gave us a big ‘leg-up’ following which CGTN picked up on a video we’d made, and then Manley Lau in Hong Kong made another video about this video too! Thank you Angelo!! And thank you Manley! Angelo Giuliano can be found at……​ We particularly recommend one of the most detailed and significant genuine ‘on-the-ground’ reports from one of the world’s most highly respected writers, authors and journalists; Andre Vitchek, here:…​ from the original published:…​ Highly recommended and easy to assimilate:……​ UPDATE: UPDATE: Twitter Suspends @ChinaBazzar Account after Barrie Criticises UK Government’s latest ‘Declaration’ and allegation of ‘Genocide’ Against China – You can Still Find Barrie on Twitter via his ‘backup’ Account @BestChinaInfo h t t p s : / / b e s t c h i n a i n f o . c o m /news/constant-updates-from-best-china-info-chinabazzar-on-twitter/



► 文 观察者网 周弋博


近日,英国视频博主、“靠谱中国”网站创建人巴里·维斯(Barrie VVeiss)在接受采访时,揭露并控诉了西方媒体不断污名化中国,却又选择性忽视“日本排放核废水”问题的双标之举。



4月22日,香港媒体《点新闻》发布对英国视频博主巴里·维斯(Barrie VVeiss)的采访视频,谈及“西方如何污蔑中国”“新疆棉事件”“日本排放核废水”“中国的发展变化”等话题。


公开信息显示,巴里也是一位政治评论员和作家,创建了“靠谱中国”(Best China Info)网站并持续发布驳斥涉华假新闻的相关内容。








“从‘奴隶劳动’(slave labor)到‘强迫劳动’(forced labor),然后就变成了‘威胁劳动’(coerced labor),(西方媒体的)文字表达发生了变化,淡化了一些表达。”



针对此事,巴里曾制作了一段“揭露西方媒体炮制涉疆假新闻主要信息来源”的视频,并指出,其中一个信源是多次被曝出制造假新闻的反华人士郑国恩(Adrian Zenz),另一个则是西方媒体自身。






巴里的视频在外交部记者例会上播放 图源:CGTN


“BBC现在已经服软(backed off)了,但彭博社又开始走BBC的旧路,转而试图污蔑中国的太阳能板。



“这是一场针对中国的‘混战’(hybrid war),包括之前的贸易战,以及一些不公的制裁,他们无法采取军事行动攻击中国,于是就用尽其他所有方法去压制中国。”



“美国就是建立在双标的基础之上的,美国当时正是由想要自由的奴隶主建立的,他们一直有双重标准,这是最低级的虚伪(hypocrisy of the worst order)。”